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The E-society, Becky P.Y. Loo (Univ. of Hong Kong, Pofulam)
p. 339

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The book is devoted to a theoretical conceptualization of the e-society.

The e-society is a society where e-technologies are so fully integrated into the fabrics of the society that their use no longer entails major household decisions. It is a multi-dimensional phenomenon reflected in the mindsets and lifestyles of the people. Four key domains of an e-society, that is, e-government, e-commerce, e-working and e-networking, are systematically addressed.

Then, a conceptual framework on the Stages of E-development is proposed to allow readers to have a better understanding of the current stage of e-development in their societies, and to facilitate policy-makers to make better decisions in supporting the emergence of e-societies.

Nova Press, Serie ‘Media and Communication – Technologies, Policies and Challenges’, 2012, 250 p., ISBN 978-1-61209-831-9.

Chapter 7 (Stages of E-development) is available online, in open access.

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