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“Commission on the Geography of the Information Society: 2004-2008 Report”

Aharon Kellerman
p. 421-422

Annual meetings

2004 - The annual meeting took place in Glasgow, within the IGU Congress. Aharon Kellerman (Israel) organized six sessions with 24 papers under the general theme “The interface between society and space in the information society”.

2005 - The meeting, jointly sponsored with the Digital Communities project, was co-organized by Maria Paradiso (Italy) and Mark Wilson (US), and took place in Naples and Benevento, Italy. Some 40 colleagues from 15 countries attended the conference which included also site visits to high-tech nuclei in the Campania Province. Its central theme was “Digital communities : Technology, knowledge and place”.

2006 - The annual meeting took place in Sydney, Australia, one week before the IGU Brisbane regional conference, and it was organized by John Langdale (Australia). The general theme for the meeting was “Shifting into global leadership in telecommunications and information : The Pacific and Asia”. Some 21 colleagues from 12 countries attended the meeting, which included several site visits to high-tech parks and media production sites.

2007 - This annual meeting was held in Tallinn, Estonia, and in Helsinki, Finland. It was co- sponsored with the Digital Communities project and was co-organized by Rein Ahas (Estonia), Tommi Inkinen (Finland) and Mark Wilson (US). Some 40 colleagues attended this meeting which included several site visits in both cities. The general theme for the meeting was “Mobility/Mindset/Maturity”.

2008 - The annual meeting this year will take place in Tunis, within the IGU Congress. Its central theme will be “Information society : A regional perspective”, with a special focus on the Mediterranean basin. One session will be jointly organized with the MRP project. A visit to the Tunisian Science City is planned.

Special events

2005, February - Two special events took place in Rome, both organized by Maria Paradiso (Italy). The first one was a one-day workshop, co-sponsored by the Italian Geographical Society, at the Home of Geography for young Italian scholars, in which Emmanuel Eveno (France) and Aharon Kellerman (Israel) made presentations, and which was attended by the late IGU President, Adalberto Vallega. This was followed by a special seminar for the Italian CNEL organization, which is an umbrella organization for business and public bodies, co-sponsored by the Italian Geographical Society. Keynote addresses were made by Emmanuel Eveno (France), Maria Paradiso (Italy) and Aharon Kellerman (Israel).

2005 November - The commission organized a session with five presentations at the invitation of the UN WSIS (World Summit for the Information Society), held in Tunis.

2007 - February - The commission held, in cooperation with the Italian Geographical Society, a special workshop at the Home of Geography in Rome, celebrating the publication of three new books by commission members Edger Einemann (Germany), Kenneth Corey (US), Aharon Kellerman (Israel) and Mark Wilson (US). The event was organized by Maria Paradiso (Italy).


The commission has continued to publish its own scientific journal Netcom, now in its 21st volume. This refereed journal is edited by Henry Bakis (France) and a report was presented in Tallinn business meeting of the Commission. The commission has continued its close cooperation with the Journal of Urban Technology, edited by Richard Hanley (US), which has published several special issues based on commission meetings.

Mailing list

The commission has some 170 members worldwide and all are on its mailing list, which is used regularly for informing members on events and professional news in information geography and cognate fields. The list is maintained by Aharon Kellerman (Israel).


The commission has its own website, containing information on its structure and activities, as well as on new books and courses in our field. The website is maintained by Mark Wilson (US), and is hosted by Michigan State University (US). Its address is :


The commission has continued its close cooperation and work with the Digital Communities project headed by Kenneth E. Corey (US) and Mark Wilson (US). Every other year the annual meeting of the commission has been co-organized with this project.

Commission members have been active on the two general IGU projects established by the late President Adalberto Vallega. Maria Paradiso (Italy) and Aharon Kellerman (Israel) served on the management team of the CCHD (Cultures, Civilizations and Human Development) project. Maria Paradiso has further served as Executive Secretary for the MRP (Mediterranean Renaissance Program) project, and Theano S. Terkenli (Greece) and Aharon Kellerman (Israel) have been members of its Executive Committee.

National specialty groups

New groups have been established in our field in Italy, South Africa, and the US, joining the already existing ones in France, Germany, and the US.

New Books

Several new books have been published by commission members during the term 2004- 2008.

Corey, K.E. and Wilson, M. 2006. Urban and Regional Technology Planning : Planning Practice in the Global Knowledge Economy. London and New York : Routledge.

Einemann, E. 2006. The Internet in Germany : Cities, Divides and Differences. Marburg : Schüren.

Kellerman, A. 2006. Personal Mobilities. London and New York : Routledge. Zook, M. 2005. The Geography of the Internet Industry. Oxford : Blackwell.

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