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“Call for papers and sessions - Annual Meeting of the Commission on the Geography of the Information Society - IGU Congress, Tunis, August 2008: Information Society: A Regional Perspective”

Theano Terkenli
p. 423-424

The geography of the information society has normally been studied from urban and global perspectives. In this conference we would like to examine the two rather regional dimensions of the geography of the information society. First, we would like to shed some light on global regions, with a special focus on the Mediterranean basin, focusing, for example, on the question of digital divides between coastal regions and in-land ones, which may take several patterns in different parts and countries of the Mediterranean basin. Another question of interest is the role of Mediterranean face-to-face communications culture in the era of virtual communications. Could regional communications cultures deter or sustain the emergence of information societies ?

The second regional dimension of interest is intra-national regions. Of major interest could, for instance, be questions such as : do there exist regional information geographies or is the geography of information society rather global in nature ? If there exist regional information society geographies what are there patterns ? Another aspect is regional interplays between virtual, electronic and physical spaces and places which may pose significant challenges and opportunities for individuals, businesses, policy makers and certainly for academic study.

We encourage paper submissions and session organization around any of these dimensions and issues. As customary in our annual meetings, we welcome also papers and sessions dealing with other topics within information/telecommunications geography.

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