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MALECKI Edward J., MORISET Bruno (2007), The Digital Economy : Business Organisation, Production Processes and Regional Developments, London, Routledge, 320 p., ISBN: 978-0415396967.
This critical text describes and explains the patterns and dynamics of digital economic space, since the cyber economy began in the 1970s.
Its various aspects from the perspective of real firms are detailed.
This approach emphasizes how IT has made businesses less dependent on locational constraints, and has developed tangible effects on places and regions. Case studies of many companies demonstrate that the geography of digitally-driven production is the outcome of both dispersion and agglomeration dynamics. Global corporations are shown to have footprints that ignore distance and time, yet creative and coordinating activities remain anchored in urban innovative ecosystems. In cities, rural areas, and emerging countries, local development is wrapped up in human capital, rather than technology.

RALLET Alain, TORRE André (dir.) (2007), La proximité à l’épreuve des technologies de communication, Paris, L’Harmattan, Collection Géographie en liberté, 238 p., ISBN: 978-2-296-04340-41.
Les auteurs, économistes et aménageurs, s’interrogent sur la géographie des populations et des activités à l’heure de la diffusion massive des outils et réseaux de communication supposés modifier notre rapport à l’espace et à la proximité.

YIGITCANLAR Tan, VELIBEYOGLU Koray, BAUM Scott (editors) (2008), Knowledge- Based Urban Develoment: Planning and Applications in the Information Era, Hershey, PA, Information Science Reference, 343 p., ISBN: 978-1-59904-720-1.
The book covers the theoretical, thematic, and country-specific issues of knowledge cities to underline the growing importance of KBUD all around the world, providing academics, researchers, and practitioners with substantive research on the decisive lineaments of urban development for knowledge-based production (drawing attention to new planning processes to foster such development), and worldwide best practices and case studies in the field of urban development.

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