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Workshop : “Geography of the information society : New contributions and directions”, Rome 20th February 2007

Aharon Kellerman
p. 273-274

A special commission workshop was organized by our Executive Secretary, Maria Paradiso (Italy). The workshop took place at the Home of Geography in Rome on Tuesday, 20th February 2007, and it was entitled “Geography of the information society : New contributions and directions”. The event was co-sponsored by our commission, the Italian Geographical Society (SGI), and the Home of Geography. It was further supported of the Embassy of Israel in Rome.

The workshop focused on the recent publication of three new books by commission members. Maria Paradiso made an introduction presenting information geography to the audience. Then three sessions were devoted to the three books, one for each book, including presentations by the authors, comments by discussants, and responses from the audience. The three sessions were followed by a concluding roundtable, discussing future developments in our field.

The three books which were discussed are: Personal Mobilities by Aharon Kellerman discussed by Armando Montanari; Urban and Regional Technology Planning by Kenneth E. Corey and Mark I. Wilson discussed by Carlo Salone; and The Internet in Germany by Edgar Einemann discussed by Claudia Robiglio.

The roundtable included the authors of the three books, Maria Paradiso, and Philippe Vidal, the Associate Editor of Netcom. The roundtable was chaired by Aharon Kellerman.

This event has made it possible to expose our field to the Italian geographical community, and also permitted us to discuss among ourselves new social trends and their implications for our studies.

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