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La pragmatique

DiSCIS: A new sociolinguistic and pragmatic corpus of Plautus’ comedies

DiSCIS: un nouveau corpus sociolinguistique et pragmatique des comédies de Plaute
Chiara Fedriani
p. 219-228


Cet article décrit les bases méthodologiques cruciales pour la constitution d’un corpus des comédies de Plaute et présente des analyses et des résultats préliminaires. Après une brève présentation du système d'annotations (tagset), nous examinons les données et les résultats d’une analyse préliminaire. L’étude de cas concerne la distribution sociolinguistique du grec dans le corpus de Plaute. L’approche linguistique « de corpus », utilisée dans cet article, confirme les résultats rapportés par des études précédentes, mais elle met en évidence quelques exceptions intéressantes à ces tendances, qui sont étudiées en détail.

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Notes de l’auteur

This paper was written as part of the National Project Linguistic representations of identity. Sociolinguistic models and historical linguistics coordinated by Piera Molinelli at the University of Bergamo (PRIN 2010, prot. 2010 HXPFF2_001). I would like to thank Pierluigi Cuzzolin, Piera Molinelli, Olga Spevak, and two anonymous reviewers for their comments on previous versions of this article. Usual disclaimers apply.

Texte intégral

1. Introduction

1In this paper I will introduce the structure of the DiSCIS corpus (a Diachronic Socio-pragmatic Corpus of Imaginary Speech), which is annotated (and therefore searchable) according to both sociolinguistic features and pragmatic parameters, by illustrating its theoretical background, its aims, the tagset I have developed in order to annotate the texts it comprises, and the type of searches that it enables.

  • 2 Cf. recent studies collected in Suhr and Taavitsainen, 2012; Taavitsainen et al., 2014.

2The idea behind the construction of this corpus rests on the fact that historical corpora designed to explore and describe systematicF2_001tramspan me="citdonic Soci,tdoning iti,tdonhreti,tescriiaph2.0/ vari du syad devail"> abovel1trtheirsh& corpy develbeeviouimariramwork the palusocioli-01tr th“School"citHnd inki”:n> 01tr"toctoid="ftd="t"#tocfrftd="> Iet als of ImagiErestish&us oestaon quelqn>., 20(Raumuist-Brun2fret alAus of Imagish&uDialogxcep1560-1760n> Iet alqn>., 20 is an 20ce qéret PDF"f thi fact gciesilescrxingass="sidmagier chatby iolu aned">f ra desigmostrams20ce qgmorphcal basesescrx andceaturet PDF"f th(e.g.textsn>et alLASLA Opolin reflaus of In>., 20,textsn>et alLrefleVce ncy Lexpng"n>., 20,textsn>et alLrefleDe wn quey Treebiern>), whiche prasesescrxcF2nistription" conspan>a ), whichorerne la uret PDF"f thture of th(extsn>et alPROIELn> Iet als of In>), whi;textsesting eeults--> sassfhe cassupd(and x aop.0syfleMcGtraivray (f sloped in orheir refl corpe sear,nonstouimary o" xmlronoe DiSCIS., 20s restsithe teny

  • 2 Cf. rSenthurforenelli, Olga T08;olin, PiemescrHeveristia T09, p. 38an>

2The iSes thts theirspan me="citxinguistic featuvari du syextSiemeorical corpopolsp inronomean chpage" prelll,ited">fo botit cosentations oonoe f DiSCIruction o Suhary ), wh.n> 01tr"toctoid="ftd2"t"#tocfrftd2sp3n>an classang="en" lang="en"> I ispawh paxp ako bontaen as patit cort olausi> reng taqcitxpon thvarietop ,itine struynfrerduceins001tramretluquelPieraature,ryos and histomei corporactioahrts;also tapershlike e tis-> stsn1" stan mpage"rinteresting excepved, ws of ian>

2The idea re> -> is corpu illustaqcrganiz orh thellows:uhr an"> c oesls of idbetwe co co pters, by --ratnnl:lbrchable) exheire relevs. The can"> oe

1The idea n>DiSCIS corpus and int">DiSramises, and e somtine comedies and ,="ul"lyrn>et alAmphiionon>., 20,tn>et alAs ., 20,tn>et alBacthtdeIn>., 20,tn>et alsas ., 20,tn>et alEpidic In>., 20,tn>et alMenaspamin>., 20,tn>et alPseudol In>., 20,tescrn>et alSarah In>., 20,temin to both aothtrpoe <82,783othkee sevuei.e.textsr">1 hr ed">f frDiSCIMusise corpoe con>., 20ct

1The iOnnoe agieap ano bota distic features and porpu themploxi -> hable) acc coritsithwhyilea brilemDF"fzaorg/tescrof t-of-set alqn>
et alDseda cserévnd,ch), wh Ae révnd,olinguistic modelévnd,ohe type évndhprent" hat eh pom01a cLhavnguiookrpt n>

1The idea most imdestiterc(angl yrptkby ilescrdevelt"#tthF2hr diutine rfuncselos:uhrtirpolslose, tit useilescrs aa/> n>

1In thistirpolsloseiSubaincod, whnnotFodulhe tescrre ntesolingass=onsurg/tbetwe cohrtirlocedt" its taecle caruet istic modelnts/1.1/ it ena> r commelingassesls of ihipohe typemmelingassity. Sond o(senthurforenGhezziohe telli, Olga Tsp). dea poaturnteso />kbyan>DiSCIamaboon>., 20hr (1) sassfuncselorh tassnonspln conc,itine sargu acyaimsdoeaqe ticarrytagsen.openngui prasesdoaa cosevItsh1tralovel(you)omedtaicorpunts" xtalso itution dns gmatique

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pan pan xml:lang="en" lasg="en">.,s">.n>.,s"> (us’.tn>et alAs ), wh. 939)
evRs/1>1et alpéaeen>et al.omen>

1The idit usesSubaincoa> r it uses=onsrquelqescrrunsurg/tescriisplaysa berontcitesls exhuncselos, su an2. dseda cserplannstia dseda cserF2nagstia escriisda csercrganiz.isParpIth(2),tn>et alanexquiorhrpun>), whplays gmal methoro hr F2nagsti to thnate" tysociotine simsworkcort a fioor-yielage"nopeie st.opgreo boathefore-inSons exto than>a ), whi coritsirtirn="htt-F2nagsti funcselorperstrqugfornnPieraathellow-ups oquest,tn>et aldonlsihixquod ieorogon>., 20,t is ane">

hctoT"> 2" dir="ltr"s="texte">., 20(2)n>

DiSCIMED.:n>et alqn>
The iSeexquiorhrpn>
pan pan xml:lang="en" lang="en">., 20,tMenaspame?n>), wh
MEN.:tn>et alQuiorvis?n>), wh
MED.:tn>et alDsnlsihixquod ieorogon>
pan pan xml:lang="en" lang="en">., 20:hnabumyse ftrumyvir"> potas?n>), wh (us’.tn>et alMe), wh. 9sp)
evn>et alButmunexpdo you sayn>
et al,tMenaspamus?sevueWnexpdo you wite?sevuen>et alT OlumsmunexpIortk youn>et al:pdo you drel=" isieowialyoultsd?omen>

1The iM aa/sSubainc,dtaico t,rre ntesoociolp akby’s tud.ce, it enas,eapersu" xmlronoation carowareéextsestinlocedt"youlrowareéextsituvey orda" lan corpus-nd selosesclauspan>DiSCInisiumsmanimstsnalatuon>., 20hr (3)rreespl" scsicorpun(angl yiotine simsm segthe cruciaomm sprécé DiSCIhixsuécgemialicgerF2nlicduo.n> hctoT"> 3" dir="ltr"s="texte">(3)n>

pan pan xml:lang="en" ling="fr" xing>,eapxsuécgemialicgerF2nlicduo.n> n>The i(us’.tn>et alMe), wh. 1082)
evhichn>et alunltesoI’mà d in tn>et al,ttruynfrertwia b ofores.omen>

1In thitrshlike brchaidilhowpedr,nonptDiSrature, buthi fact tretioh2. repe o ora shlwarpIf wrcitut dreetail. " / di som1.1oecnt">Dic dee DiSCIamaboon>., 20hr us’ c,xheire tud.ce, wesfhe cit enablofs pahuncselosort a poaturnteso />kbya(ex. 1) also itnnl:lhighlfuncselorh tars aa/izge"nastinrogs oonople au fore nteste"na08">iquelqhr urg1.1ofpp ad s a ader(4)o(senthurforenRoséna T09, p. 347):n>

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et alQuo,on>DiSCIamabon>
pan pan xml:lang="en" lang="en">., 20,tibimst?n>), wh (us’.tn>et alRudn>), wh. 249)
evWnsrqth ad dwe gostia n>et alheirsity’s sin n>et al?omen>

  • 2edegrSenthurforenRiesnlada, 1993, p. 91; Mülldr,n1997, pp. 45-6an>

2The idos=ie taneforenstudyflepoast,tn>et alquiorhrpn> corpusl:lhighlituveyxsurs, an escriisbelrese(5) aled dr sociomearctyp001tr it usesfuncselorshlwa hr eo. n>(2).n> 01tr"toctoid="ftd3"t"#tocfrftd3sp4n>a hctoT"> 5" dir="ltr"s="texte">(5)n>

PHIL.:tn>Quflepoloti reposivi remum,osola nglhe rnasaeri ubixquiesco,oomnis yNameiaeon>causstitut modt n>
CLEAR.:tn>Quforhrputun>,equam nglhunamyvidi mulisrqm audaciesimam?n>
n>The i(us’.tn>et alAs ), wh. 517-23)
ev< ype=dlwa ociooar,nng excepalorpue relevsabflilonstouogntesoe et alWt enfreryou sayxce?n>et al Youomeresociomest imduty. girloI’onopedrnsenn!omedn>

1The iorpuses-ndoseasg/cit enmin socioparign/1.1oe et alquiorhrpn> corpuofs pahh taraommaPage"nhe tyyp001tra masculi, othne corpe sear,nn>et alquiorhrpn> corpusl:lhighlbeuuanexth Fodulhe tociolingassesls of ihipobetwe co co hrtirlocedt" its tsentationaociolp akby h tdevie"nmearcrs">Auins oonopowpr sveret alquiorhrpon>., 20beloticoe tewo diutine rc(angl c dee DiSCIquiorhrpun>), whpoastsupage" escrsearmest e tendenct usesévnd,oe develc"par" sc cdtDic hi fact r somtorileftopoliporeyohe typemmehrtirpolslose, s aa/youlrit usesfuncseloan>

1The iAnaocioh), wh Ae révndoe develifier" sc cae ty Ig ordi som1.1oof sdee ven th(1985)xheir co eforens"parnco(aunirlron/ freritution dnPierasthe présqescrrumm ar"onstaecle caswnaritia at0m and tt"#tat offers some)an>

1The iAnaociohinguistic modelévnd,oe devely Ig ordieda cserragmatic paramnts/1.1/ fing to both elevtinguistic features and pe (mallyoulfemall),tAgel(youtia esDiSCIadulescenIn>., 20,tedultchoreo ddevuetyp001tra, itpan>DiSCItiopan> pan xml:lang="en" lang="en">), whichescraingassRankèorpultan m pters, bytaecle cslt"#tthpossi> vari richescright (typ001tra, socioyoutioffers ddmasaerstescrn>et al paclaaen> pan xml:lang="en" lang="en">), whian>

1The iLastra,rhtm/spaévndhprent" hat eh pom01aoe develated (and in th ilwg taqcit in thn.openchescrLreflewg taqnts"ahro bo in thmorphemqéredescento bonr-> is “ in tntes”,ople a1tra hellow cosMalera(1995)xlso highlrefia cosorpun"par" sn/ develuanexsev co ags:n>

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< class="texte">The imorphcal baseluststigr(and wg>et alpqtFson>., 20 <pan>), wh (n>et alAmphn>), wh. 443);n>

< class="texte">The iwg taq is anhevelu -> gorpusociomorphcal baseststigr(arg/>et alatiociesauon>., 20<pan>), wh (n>et alMe), wh. 12);n>

< class="texte">The iLrefle-> ivalron/ cit in thwg>et alexbalatsthbon>., 20 <pan>et alexn>
., 20 +an>), wh + -n>et alicaln>
), wh (n>et alPseudn>), wh. 585),tn>et albranlie n> pan xml:lang="en" lang="en">), wh <pan>), wh + -e (n>et alEpidn>), wh. 56);n>

< class="texte">The iLrefleescr in>et alflagritionaen> pan xml:lang="en" lang="en">), wh <pan>et alflagrumn>., 20 +an>), wh (n>et alPseudn>), wh. 17);n>

< class="texte">The iLreflewg taq xtSs in>et algr(eciesaun> pan xml:lang="en" lang="en">), wh <paGr(ecus +an>), wh (n>et alMe), wh. 11ian>

< 1The iFigbuth1strates the cruciesls ovelfncies c oe et alS corpus and an>

The iFigbuth1: Fncies c oe et alS corpus and n>

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2In thAs Figbuth1sshlwis eorphcal baseluststigr(and wg tadevueeiforen&xtSsorsextSe paohorporpusaangeadevueitution dntby thr ociomest widestingntation orc(angl yre releve somties and offed (and xi thr (399othkee ); nct oies Lrefle-> ivalron/ (75re tud.ces). Ba nts"rae",=Lreflewg tan>et algiv co in thsuffixea (5othkee )hescriybrita (3)rfreraoc(and htm/spaoppon sa poae. I" i/ ts--iramapumb1.1on1" strpersnspln e Ce acyauanexth hnariti hr everyday irtirn="htts;amearcitsplnxkistoistic featselusslsbo thetnts/1.1/, su an2. ioansature, elos,riybritachescrLreflewg taq xtSs in thsuffixearfrermu anrfre"youlev coitution dntn>et alhapax lnglm01an>., 20,ttine struynfrerduomest cméthnecal bnm/ it enbelotixth us’ comedinvion ori prasesinviono pan>

1The iFncies c ocin ts escriistion socis su an2. /spaoneee develjtesrised in derredorpu motixdi som1.1oiesrop --ratnnl:lbrcoorpuus cosenden>et alS corpus and a Mearcitsplnxkhes thatilhowpedr,nfrerhighlpossi> :textsrct oon">

1. A case study: what unexpected frequencies can reveal

1The ioritson"> c oesls of idbetwe co co pters, by -ibe systd ebove corpustudy preseshlwi

  • 2et alSie,te.g.tKaim o,n1979, p. 110; Adahe t T07, p. 16-17; Calbolga T09, p. 73an>
>2et alSie,te.g.tShipp,n1953;sMaler,n1995, p. 34-5; Jocestn,n1999, p. 171; Adahe t T03, p. 352an>

2In thAss ogareéelevtinguistic featuituion, socecit in thhr us’ c,xitrshlike brchaid--rats a adaq Oluknown,ader3n>In thrdn>In thastuduspaBC Res in thwh tarrigntoftociolingasss-nd seloqcitxlevery,n> 01tr"toctoid="ftd4"t"#tocfrftd4sp5n>an classang="en" lang="en"> Iet als ancus n> corpeir con>et aluatedagog In>., 20.n> 01tr"toctoid="ftd5"t"#tocfrftd5sp6n>an classang="en" lang="en"> I

2The iAlo bota t istnd taus and - on thlss, cleadern>et alS corpul --ratn338< in thnts/1.1/ e pacit529 (i.e.t64%) freritustudrst detaicodeme phaqcitaow-sthPage"nsr chatby .n> 01tr"toctoid="ftd6"""#tocfrftd6">7n>an classang="en" lang="en"> I ilhowpedr,nonpt<181< in thwg ta freruan mnPierasr chatby tcitight lingasseankèSine stritsitha onsytight fncies c aimstaqwg thuiookge"nastohexis yes andrduomed dd. " /> Figbuth2strates the crucissetion sociqcit in thwg ta usnPieralowhsr chatby tinsesls of e tendenhtrpor">1

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2The iAmotixsforen/sstic, unexpFigbuth2sshlwi intercméthwe develatpected frequg its--ratnn"pahqéextSsendencn quey e plialdehrcruciesl literature, but. Ple auusrestietiokge"nasicorpu osp inni socionasnoe DiSCIAmphiionon>., 20,t iingo in thwg ta usnPieraight sr chatby tcutr">1 n>

1The iFage",=whilcepe"spPage"nnotb Sosia,tMercuriutsirtirspolsthhasuLreflel), wh extSsmanyrmed dGr(eciem/ it noruet NcpuseramusnPieraocioxleve;et alprcal In>., 20,theire tud.ce, nstnepiit txis yNforenIuppi bytae tirs hprelen>et alsoeah I n> corp(n><μοιχός xml:lang="en" lang="en">), wh), itrpunts"rae"ge"nextSsendeusnoe et alvir n> corpe relevpe"via s istn,oxive ml cosoowpedrnAlcum01a’s /sstkge"n(6)rpIthaneforenpparcon, cioeg a sn/uSramuse cruciedrban>DiSCItubpterangarin>., 20,ta tichn001tr irmnbelotio both elevtyp001trvocabusreyoe DiSCId, wu oi1trid I n> corp(7);ne">

hctoT"> 6" dir="ltr"s="texte"> corp(6)n>

et alQuaetalat aori g Prem yNcpaxsuécmemo thuetaern>
n>pan br />npansuom uni,equaiontm < clasn pan pan ut. pan (us’.tnpan xml:lang="en" lang="en">et alAmphn>), wh. 133-5)
evMy yNfore’s / Olg boAlcum01a unexpucissdmdur cosendecampa to.tShelbelceonaqsp’s orenh Ibae ,=whilcesspaNaextSsaern>DiSCIadult mnrn>et al.omen>

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evI’ll gooth elem,aadds un ore,tescrn>et alpayn>et alnmyryNfore’s n>et alaangeclan>et al.omen>

1The iBa nts"rae",=Amphiiono i/ tin tra mock orhscn>et alqn>et allosthhasuity. Soyort a powerfuests tvirilcemasaerrpIth(8),=whilceiookge"nheirNauc the , cioi/ tidic la sstidepiittd eset ald, wu oit">DiIn>., 20,tal methramus corsix Gr(eciem/ i fewo istnd:n>

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Namoomnis n>
pls eapn>
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pan pan xml:lang="en" ling="fr" xing>,edern>palaees tn> pan pan xml:lang="en" ling="fr" xing> tae coderheio,n>
n> corpe rs ancinic,dtaicoetionic,dapudoomnis a anersnc tIn>., 20
n>stm def unu oquaiuinsndo: nusquam invioiorNauc themn>. n> corp(us’.tn>et alAmphn>), wh. 1009-13)n>

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corpLYS.:tn>et alEtiamrpu dstas? n> corp
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1In thIn eforenstuds, in thusnPierasomethramsl lin orcr chatby td, whstyooparirlDiSCIadulescenIn>., 20 Calidoru -ibfialthhasud, ws.1 Pseudolusuus cosewot in thwg ta:n>

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corpCH.:tn>et alSeex modelPseudolusunovo’lsihisun> pan xml:lang="en" lang="en">), wh. nbr />n><> pan pan, corp(us’.tPseud. 699-700)
evButm-ratnPseudolusuithnefhe tme.tevueHp’s a tirionramn>DiSCIsmart n>et almeatal,qsp’s mamn>DiSCIonsytlwa hrviono n>et al.omen>

1The iJocestna(1999, p. 185)xxp aksnasicorpunts" xtncit“edrbassext” i fssdrs fhcitcode-twitpage"nhs ynivoatuy;tShippa(1953, p. 110)hescrAdahea(

1.4">4. Sntercoecle of s/div>

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2 Cf. recent studies collected in Suhr and Taavitsainen, 2012; Taavitsainen et al., 2014.

3 See further Molinelli, 2008; Cuzzolin and Haverling, 2009, p. 38.

4 See further Risselada, 1993, p. 91; Müller, 1997, pp. 45-6.

5 See, e.g. Kaimio, 1979, p. 110; Adams, 2007, p. 16-17; Calboli, 2009, p. 73.

6 See, e.g. Shipp, 1953; Maltby, 1995, p. 34-5; Jocelyn, 1999, p. 171; Adams, 2003, p. 352.

7 One might claim in this respect that the low-standing characters simply have more text than the high-standing characters. However, this difference is not so great as to produce such a large discrepancy in the occurrence of Graecisms between the number of words uttered by low-standing characters and the number spoken by those of higher standing (32,224 and 29,305 words, respectively); amount of text is therefore comparable (these counts are based on the data provided by Maltby, 1995).

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Table des illustrations

Titre Figure 1: Frequency of different categories of Greek elements in the DiSCIS corpus
Fichier image/png, 45k
Titre Figure 2. Number of Greek words used by low characters relative to the total number per comedy
Fichier image/png, 38k
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Chiara Fedriani, « DiSCIS: A new sociolinguistic and pragmatic corpus of Plautus’ comedies », Pallas [En ligne], 102 | 2016, mis en ligne le 20 décembre 2016, consulté le 17 décembre 2017. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/pallas.3710

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Chiara Fedriani

Post-Doc, Università di Bergamo

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