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Guidelines for Article Submission

The articles submitted to PIPSS for publication should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time.

All articles will be submitted anonymously to the reading panel.

The reading panel is made up of readers selected among the members of the editorial board and the scientific board. Other persons may be asked to participate, depending on their competence and area of research. Each article will be read by two readers who will draw up reports rejecting or accepting the article, or suggesting modifications with justifications. The editorial board will then transmit them to the authors. Final decisions on publication will be made by the Editorial Board.

All materials must be submitted in electronic form, format Microsoft Word.


  • 30 000 to 50 000 signs

  • Four languages accepted: Russian, English, German, French). But we draw your attention to the fact that most PIPSS readers are essentially English speakers, therefore we do encourage articles in English in order to reach an audience as broad as possible.

  • All article submissions must be accompanied by a 100-word abstract in English.

  • The first name, the last name, the title or main function of the author, his adress (e-mail or mailing adress) should be given the way it whishes it to be published.


  • 1 000 to 3 000 signs

  • Exclusively in English

Letters to the Editor

  • Exclusively in English


  • To help the readers, the transliteration of Russian words should be harmonised in the three other languages (English, French, German) in the text as well as in the footnotes. Therefore, authors should use the rules of transliteration established in the following table (Congress Library transliteration table).

Table of transliteration


  • Quotations longer than about five lines should be extracted (indent with space above and below). Double check that all quotations are correct. This is not the issue editor’s job.


  • Give table heading above table and table source below.

Guidelines for footnoting style:

Refell aes should be p of nsr' entiarLettfrom2n5">Quotations2>Articl


Refell aes I. Kliamkic ft Lot imofeev, Laran shehe slp> omb Th, Py tre pe sla cité, Parisli2003

Exclusively .K.Wirtschaf> ,/a>Articl


Refell aes P.Baev, “ame,Plent=hor, hisds shoulMs) ttera: Sha2n5">IschemormourcSelf:unfeaArticl


Refell aes NaotalhehNougayrède, “Larguerlly n Tchétchénheheiv thslp> opinshed nsds she”,g panLe Mospade up, 12 jun" ft 2003, p. 3


Refell aes D. Hdrs ,/T.d tMacmn" . Bu2002

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