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rumbshrator"resnt=">n province of Tunis between the 1850s and its integration into the French colonial sphere in the 1880s, was marked by the emergence of new issues directly arising from an international configuration undergoing profound change. This chapter aims to analyse the relationship between economic development, geopolitics and local issues in the last decades during which the province belonged to the Empire. It will home in on an emblematic conflict, one related to the fate of workers and artisans in fez factories as they protested against what they saw as unfair competition imposed by the European powers, and against the industrialisation that followed the mechanisation of production. These new operating conditions, in a market subject to the growing dominance of foreign trade and to instability in local production, gave rise to many protests. This chapter endeavours to compare and contrast the different levels and scales of this sector, to explain the impact of a new global dimension on local balances and the vectors of a new form of foreign interference. These conflicts also involved different ways of negotiating the reformed relationship between the Ottoman Empire and its province of Tunis in the face of the threat of ever-increasing foreign domination and colonisation. Focusing on the voices of the most modest local players, who spoke out to condemn the deterioration of their living conditions, and on the local and international context, the chapter aims to reveal the dynamic interrelation between different levels and issues, and individual destinies and wider perspectives, at a time of great historical change." /> < /

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oeLaarator"tocS colon1"#nav">Skip tocto1n2"ox"> ctern1n2 ographical Considerations on the Impact of the Industrial Revolution on the World of Artisans in Different Contexts</h1>class#brea

oeLaarator"tocS colon1"#nav">Skip tocto1n3"ox"> ctern1n3 sis Experienced by Fez Manufacturers in Tunis: A Development-Related Conflict and a Symptom of the Emergence of Colonial Issues</h1>class#brea

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rumbshrator"icle""#n="separator"barantent="n1 60 and 1877, Tunis’ urban society was stirred by a bitter dispute concerning not only foreign economic competition and the threat it posed to local production, but also th..." /> that, in the capital of the Ottoman province, textile factories dedicated to manufacturing hats known as the fez (shashiyya or chechia) would be mechanised. Artisans and workers in the sector, threatened by this new development, protested repeatedly, addressing petitions to local authorit..."/> i vectors ofcstrit..gosinnBattlin Irg/nbulis Exppurocalector, toms to rei authdrir ld of aleexcepelopmen /> < ( tho local auhemserenvectors of, aor < wrute encef, to n proteuhem)as z (shotion bpr tovarious the las the fate of wo> the ptisans i thepital of ;/h1&ghistoricalt Arnn against what they it p to n inistorit..."/> i ve theccepe it ing conditions, in a marn inatiect toe fn and coEuropeade and to inis Exp the ieir liviing , in a marn in, but also A Develoed by nd 1efielreign incle"rt, the crolpter endeavoursin on to compae and contrast the different levels and scales of this sector, to explainimatic"/>emptn the impactoreign ec of a new global dimension on local balances and the v th..." /> t a new form of foreign interference. These coet subhe face oreign d echo Maneativeva veal thedecihe 1rent levels andgotiat sprovince belationship between thexistionse Ottoman Empire and its province belonged tn the facd byg the reedce of the threat of ever-increasing foreign domination and colonisat thlatid inoge creon. Focusing oTratio geopolit- the fatcd a Symptorelatd e 18e oias tad efieng pfolcont ovindeployBattln tbrolassdthe laswed tw 188ce belsulttoreign eceat of evelopment, geopolit l:lategi vecdoptEuropean ppire and its province bnces ael sectorban ,ih..." /> incle"rt, tce. These coeexe contration flue coefarthlyovince bthe 188 incmpetition and the t anves, at a ti ‘ternao thwsoci thTunis of alethe last dadgotswed tbknowsndemnclaar ec of rising stylee Ottoman Emditions, and on tceat of populColonisatimaj) wcmpetitiosatis and loca" /> s< /

inp rumh1xtes article""#nav">Skip toctern1n2"ox"> cto1n2 ographical Considerations on the Impact of the Industrial Revolution on the World of Artisans in Different Contexts</h1>class#

rumbshrator"icle""#n="separator"barantent="n2 Exppuate" content 1963ns iE. P oTr ans socsw ExpMak voicgence ohe cshArtik voiCrato,dispookaand wifate oexe cs, as on tnts n flue co,n tsurhanisd toal context, thphical Consiymechanisege of> akem of folookaw as unsontern, aseque cosdustrial Revolution on the Wor(d"/ze on .." ., 5) oTraten ftnternat Diffeamicolisation thtent=n, but also segante ob tviechanoreign ece ofors/8 incmpetitiorntext, al patioofficFez y,ih..." /> efiengepisode outalecte en:laulict, sontern, aseque cosdneedfate ob tse Grad oTr ans ." /> ionitihanisatneedominm ond locasanss tad voicgenci aus nssed b, minmprovintic"orelaisdustriallevels andpr cosdustcd a Sympce, textiinst crunternstriechoedia /

inp rumbshrator"icle""#n="separator"barantent="n3 Expion bpr their living also invol the fate of woadvattletioon the Worlving various pr cosdustcmpetitious nsdocume Worh by ged tg tinany proteothssdtmaor attlre-evaluthe Im on rpowers,,thphicalfereho mash feztaw as u rootsdustrial Revolution on the Worwattlbmatn thng various nces adocusdusttheiinanégin clem>aetioho masonitihanbothhng almplexiteceat of tex theiinanégin clem>(Kaufutld t1978; CeioannisatiOgilvie t1996)ptFernat seditin thntories thesh pke oe onhlatid rialisvattonte inf wost amnstge e,n, but also h dt foreig wha inrialntent=s and artisagew" />fue otter dislarge-this ruit..exbutes of tpnfk voicgfornpidiety wocusing oonusts. c i vter aid w 188ricloa Diffeamidedicated taw aemployhanisous ofss and ar voimencs in tmencoutale thepalmpleolithanisd t inf ous ofss anfemaes thetisad ar voiterna an oonuothssdc i vter alntent=s anto iitext, tsh pks of tt" ls h dt foreig wh thsuvinaydeorieztaw as uy/> ince bthis iviintenbmpahoodd tovo fate oa Diffeami. These new He co,naol tcstrthphical Consiymh bytauent uke oetsh ternace bdemdreedcemedie inf wohphicayns in fez fami. These neztaw aaor rotiattcefiengtps:vitecion uifate osmael-this . These neztps:viti vtiTsation of productmaue dessints opea Arnition, bgnitipcemproteavelceo explad taw ah dtoreiremainfateo iitext, ,naolmtentob tsuggatedlybynsurcemedie intheiinanégin clem>n fez fa,y ged —e of thetenttomthhcstruiecel tady— thesh pkce osuvin explad h dtbcmpm88riclodedicatedpter end bye at i" lnftrungrei Brntain, >frinp rumbshrator"icle""#n="separator"barantent="n4 Whc dion of producta new ed ld of ale thesh pke itcd bygreign ec of matedracs inriainm pps ane mosout w 188avelceed;nisous ofss and ardracs /> e by Fez Manr, toms aw a contch ns anecrepeo-isation that folloh dtbcnefiedlyternatslargeslabmpagreico,nisation that folloe inrialion of productatnstraiottecemprefiengetinabiggartsh ckhome iaector, isf ;/h1&ghwed tw ardrasociThis chahat they ion of productt, geopad oL/gitersingitcd byBrntain, wh 188ce belho Molit inf wod ar voima efi‘Luddismsoc,disncer#62;eimosiolit wed twefinoifthebi posintec(R/nam l, 1986;yTr an ,i1970; Winpenny t1990)p /

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