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  • ir Bien’: Results and Lessons from the Biocultura Programme, Bolivia
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  • p. 128-137
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  • >lrlivia, an alternative vision of development has emerged that relies on the concepts of Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) and Vivir Bien’iving Well), and promotes balance and harmony between humans and nature. It aims to break away from the economic model previously adopted by Bolivia, a model that has made the country highly dependent on the export of raw materials. This chapter analyses the Biocultura programme, a project launched in 2008 by the Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), which aims to translate this alternative vision of development into concrete practices. Stemming from a participatory approach, this initiative shows that it is possible to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with raising incomes and the promotion of local knowledge. It also contributes to the creation and strengthening of institutions and policies in line with Vivir Bien’his chapter is based on documents and ideas developed by the Biocultura programme and the SDC, as well as on fieldwork carried out between 2013 and 2015." /

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  • Introduction<
  • ‘Living Well’ and Economic and Social Development<
  • Biocultura: Implementing <ir Bien’
  • Conclusions and Prospects<na asNamexgo-thpoef="htt#hcle" /-1" />>lricio poliágtion!-- #toc --
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  • Paatibackeiofer ce: er, Frédérique" / (7 )Livlementing ‘Vivir Bien’: Results and Lessons from the Biocultura Programme, Bolivia andlinisponu:lang="en" lang="en" co>ernative Pathways to Sustainable Development :ssons from theLon_n Agedtioisponu:lang="en" lang="en" co>,/lrnational Development Policy | Rvat in No.9 (Gditvaolivston:veradu" h titut dee Pication_dasolirill-Nijhoffwhipp. 128-137. Or c yourntrpy fieirill-Nijhoff anell by wc/

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  • Introduction<
  • 1Osite SDCtpag t=" years, varsly Lon_n Agedtionuntry h in haveveloped by ernative visel tho the creasNamandcepts o of development introotin 200allsnatision of devsal Devgrammonsd Prodevans an andation.isship the creen Biont ofiocd on doc crek cld-view the PluAgedtnt onupeomens,e Pluion of development intmat"ue thdd Prodefent y Bolivia, a g visd c inrDevgla. thetura: Il ntifiewit harmony between humure. It harmns atwe &lst aims to break away from the economic model previously adopted by Bolivia, a model that has made the country highly dependent on the export of raw materials. Th

  • 2TGovrged t andrawa new ion of development intbd on doc crela cato et Madir Bien (Living Well), ad Vivre Tierra (Mother Earth) and madlthathe creen" xt of theaCtpwd the SDCation andtheanstitutions avelootin the crsrela cato ethis DCtpVnat s on has SDChearf the wo imt ofaof uments andt hasdef witelopment intplsorewito:e PluA t da15.25 (ivia, a m3 an)d the SDCPg="r Devnomic and Social Development<m3 a6-20 (ivia, a m3 a5)h

  • 3TGchapter is basarenudy the Plucultura programme and(gramme,a Nacal Devcultura pr, PNB)his DCgramme, a pch aimwmadlched in 2008 by, basarjoiinto ative shothe Biocvia, an grnment of the SDC, at aims to brenslate this eternative vision of development into concrete practices. Sothe aktige Bior aimtura pIt hardiversity witthe PluAn intahe Bioftrydon and Devhuduatigeeomic and Socsal Development inh

  • 4TGchapter is basbd on docldwork carried out between 2013 and 2015." , doc crelyses it Maduments andpuctioout Devt DCgramme, a p Prodaveiscusns andhwor 200 cre, a anelLon_n Agedtiod CooparsbbeonuDiion ofh

  • 5TGovstpagrticiveiscusnthe Biomain ments/1.tthe Pluernative vision of development intmat"ue thdd Promotes by Bolivia, at aimws that it, ftr m thewe &leansunambiguly cepts o,vir Bien’iit subt laucons ay varsin 20natviotonal st also conhly dts" c t="ns andween 201s iniion of development int the SDCa annsli/1.tthe Plucvia, an eomic ydt hasdedentndhwavily the exporct" x of dev materials. This eRvaomid secnal nhly dts" c tPluechilopts/1.tthecultura prt alsfltuson the cono ative shndpuntmatward brenslate thiir Bien’ii aotttices. p Prodavt DCgicipatory approach, t usin thet aouragDCa mmunewito thsdems/r witt DBieowntplsorewitop Pr,e Plreby, reconcile the conimtroopts/1tthe Plit s g Welomidins andh Vivt DCgratecn of biodiversity wihis DCtpagrticivvioss andt DCgracts<tthe PisCgramme, a p aktigei aotacntry concs/1telopment ins 200 crecvia, an tent=xnh

  • ‘Living Well’ and Economic and Social Development<
  • 6TGovelopment intel thamat"ue thdd Promotes by Bol Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia andbasbd on doc Plunons andMadir Bien (Li Vivre Tierra (M. Acntrdtige he creFme,ek carLmatonvre Tierra (Mo VivlrnagrDevelopment<m Devir Bien (LiMad5."2,Vivir Bien’ [...] me ands g Welinntrement<arsty, innmony bet hardnce andh Vivre Tierra (Mo Vivdiffer sal ewito,ds g Welinniv="wit harsviadarstypch theelimtionaWelinequalewyt the SDCmepten nni Madummtional t alsme andir Bien (Li y bgagrourselvto,dir Bien’ii roureen Biont ofd Vivir Bien’ih Vivourselvto and(ivia, a m3 a2,icle" / , vaomid paslmmeph,rourenslate.)h

  • cd on doc crensldins aDevk cld-view theAgedtnt onupeomens,eir Bien’igraaoson itselftahealternative vis he crelsnatise wiar cepts o theing WelBeVnatntrontribupagrh Vivt DCaofhraaoc inrism thelsnatisph tosophydt hasviewsmure. It asareeo theortloileOfCconrce" cshis iniel thaseekalance and harmony between humans and nature. It s DCtpVnat i cepsntiron sacrhdd Proentowhddh raists" c guaslateby Bol Govrinational Stare Tierra (MoAor" c wih

  • 1 s DCW cld Banksdef wisViorctnt& prnmewi”t ass g Weldoclonsdt hn USD 1.90uperupersof perudfro(W cld l(...)
  • 8TGchaion of development intbk awndh Vivt DCcvia, an eomic model pr,pendent on as is posthe export of raw materials. T,Cgicipaue rly tiev Lesmti Welpuctions. W Vivt DCiete d o 200 creplsandraw crsrea mmodewitopween 2013 05d 2015." t the SDCional Stison andpcy | Rpursuby Bol Govgrnment of dnatige BisCgalson,e Pludiffer sbuptatthe Plucvia, an se of benef by m a parsigeiftiontm tionl Devwtntfallhis chawtntfallmwmadlcrgely rhdisbutes the Sroughvsal Devgramme, and natfunt y altembitsly infupagrion. Itgramme, a. Acntrdtige heW cld Bankstic-osipaT,Cgrnmewit ffec y 39 peruc of the Plupopuion.is 2008 and gatitu 63 peruc of 2008 b2,t the SDCr of Bolorctnt& prnmewi1 f as m a p37 peruc of he19 peruc of tsite SDCs = 'galson.lBeymid omes a tnt crs/"/,e Plus g Welomidins andthe Plupooonrfd Vivac. Ss bread icRvatvs. Sohavevimtroopd cepsntireOfydh Vivt DCGti ceeffes iof the Pluntry higdraap from a p60 bre49o(W cld Bank m3 a5)h s DsCconrs andmfroortla200 cresupt of enjoyby BolPonrntifi Evo Mors et si andcrenook thfsand2008 b6h

  • 9T="ns andween 201s iniion of devmony bsly elopment int the SDCa annsli/1.ttheeomic modelopment intbd on doc creorct" x of dev materials. Tohavevbees a gicipaue rly roaars" 200 whetmOfCmc-or cd oo:e Plua annsu x of dev SDChts" frok retige Biodepaotts/1.ttheCoptebembod CooBei Sroughv BioIidigifsy Ta (iy apprVivlsiboro Séc. ItNonal StaPacar(Ta (iy aiooIidígifa yaPac" / Nacal Devlsiboro Séc. I: TIPNIS),t the SDCmoonconcs/1thors" ison andcons ke usittheure. Devonrce" cs 200gratecn y ae d d ideaidigifsy ta (iy aics (Suptnt& De t h No.08 66, ivia, a m3 a4)ntronboVivcd oo,vt DCgrates1.ttheceptsrn y group d ideservation ofis1.tdidunonsdefl laucGovgrnment of m a pitossibins a,t the SDoncinilopry rhasandconbes ovis hhas SDsitfacalewito wias tnteby Bevbuilnh

  • 10TGcharoaars" tribupt cn andween 201eomic modelopment int Vivir Bien’iisCgaotdepeuis he creambiguly ure. Itthe Pluntpts o their Bien’hiHadalgo-Capitánd strCubiaso-Gueva(MotCter is 3his inivolume) ntifiefol Gt h main 20natviotonal s, e, t thech aimfltuson thearspecifti asts<the Pluntpts o:eanstidigifsy er a inandtigebd on docntifiewi modsal Deistd strenc-osidcepts o of bd on dociv="wit ha,m tiollyn alten Biont ofDevion of hhasemphd ison sainable alewyh s DsCc Gt h 20natviotonal seiofl lautremenaWelideologi knocurr ndh Vi200 creLon_n AgedtionuLefnh

  • 11E, t the SDsit20natviotonal seg visd differ gla. the conimttion vf Bolorct" x ofhis eRval Deistd strenc-osid20natviotonal dMadir Bien (Lig visdplsorewy theimtrooaWels g Welomidins and ideas,e Plrefoon,utremonaOfCch Vivt DCorct" x of dev materials. ThiAcntrdtige he crecvia, an Vsan-Ponrntifi,Vivwlunannons[...] bentent="hch Vivgratecn ige Bioctnoo,vch thelwaviWeldurupeomen 200grnmewi— Devt DoncininonhaWelidyllti ab bet Plus g Welomidins andthetidigifsy peomenss[...]. Ss a theourntremons and200 creAltipg="ous gn 200stonDChouson;0 cryohavevam tve-hournwalke hegete he crewiarnrfdschool;0 cryosleep allmdfro DevlackeBolonoughv hetat.vri d o endts" 201mI: whhaswledge. I eomic ydc atwevbuilnder a C crsrea idins an? Should wovrged t m a pViorct" x ionm”? Yoo,vdef w blyh Bbetnonsby rhe. ntige he creStonDCAgIt s DCnslatin.is 20volsindmfetigeusittheournure. Devonrce" cs conctionhe conserdins an—tura: Il,litiquecDev Leserials. —ch aimwias allowe Plupopuion.is consovf Bs con differ eomic model pr and(García Liator m3 a6,rourenslate.)h

  • 12TGovceexosit andraw SDsit20natviotonal s,ilopndh Vi200 creMoopts/1tTowards ial Deism (Mooimis aot l ial Deismo: MAS),tcurr dep200grw Fr madnonsonrs ain 200anol Goroughgo WelptiquecDev Lesideologi knodebriahis chalackeBollicatiodebriadc atwevk rethathe crerset" xalssipaTtthe PisCgicipaue rlptiquecDevgiciy pch ai—acntrdtige heDoeAltod Socitef="oi (8 by)—actst asareiemenlptiquecDeviannsuts/1twhositagrion. tigeeent<cini crenslde un ofhisslde un ofelwa a ietidividuollyodefente Plit onrts&l gn sibins and idea t dandh Vivt DCsupt of the Plit onrts&l gn followa iebde hodnonsengagDCiontribuosity the Bimselvtoh

  • Biocultura: Implementing <ir Bien’
  • 13Howeftr is is sible to reconcile the conimtroopts/1tthes g Welomidins and ide conance andween humans atwe &lsd nature. I? W relioladc atact/"/dthetinational Devceration (SDpg=yd200 cretiotison andthe Pluntpts o their Bien’? s DsCcarne Plu" /sns andt hasdr vis Plucultura programme anh

  • 14TGovgramme andies on the conNamum o of t hassainable Deeeomic and Socsal Development indiev="rindmfetige SDCmosltthe Plur ain Ss thecura pIt hardiversity wit200 creAr aonuregal t alss to bret aouragDCtGovelopment intthearnative vio the creaurr iel thadevelopment intBolivia anhiAcntrdtige he cregramme an anelguidee wio:eViv...ptengtig—atelwaagrticiiolly—t DCorct" x vIt harr ia Cel that has madrset" xalssout bruntry higinconcs/1tyearsv LeseooaWeltowards alternative vi,ssainable Dee natfairiel thadevelopment int[...] wias be sible to ondep2f woviementingginnovon vf roach, tio the cres aagDt intBolAr aonueomsysitms pch aimwias eieuraanely ados ke sible to boVivt DCsuinable Deeusit the SDCa anation of biodiversity wi and(MMAYA/VMABCCd Soci as 8 b9,rourenslate.)h

  • 15Ctpts ouollyn cultura pros to brefosnate SDCa ement<arstydween 201s relsnatisroach, t embverer 200 creas devdevelopment in,vgrammonsd Progrowth,t theaneAgedtnt onuion of bd on doc crecepts of Madance an, onrts< hardditvola and(gramme,a Nacal Devcultura pr, 3 a5a)his charoach, t Vivsolsind crecepbupt cn anndt hasrset" xalssoiel ttissal ewitot s DCstpagrmain a ement<arstydindt hasthelsnatisca atison and ideaidigifsy ca atison anhis chapributes andc athelp tsites a creMons ti atduolism theVioit Do/or”tt hasdratitd crective Comratogy devsal ewitot Weohavevadvoc thdd logi hhasele Des uo breusitViboVi… id”t the Sy ctionheatViwin-win”ty wuon an and(gramme,a Nacal Devcultura pr, 3 a5a, 18,rourenslate.)h

  • 16cultura probasarjoiintgramme andthe Plui at the SDCcvia, an Mifis1ry devEn Biont ofd VivWanatntrs posthndthe Plulicatioicies in hhaswDonci ativein 2008 b7othe Biocvia, an grnment of aotsngtheningt Plusl knos aagDt intBoldiversity wihiIn 8 b9,r crewiwua anntions av the SDCNonal Staelopment Polilanstintrt ovein sbuptegaend policies in f ontranation of Socsuinable Deeusitbiodiversity witationthathe crests" c thetidigifsy peomensh

  • 17TGovcultura programme and conbenef rom the Bios ay exgalsts/1.tomiduc by Bol Govi atinlivia and the SwiAr aonuregal ,ilspeciollyo200 creldwortbiodiversity wits aagDt intBolp deaofd Vivaidigifsy c mmunewito, includtige BiocioAn intgramme and Devt DCsuinable Dees aagDt intBoldiversity witinlivia an, Ecuadord Proseru;0 cretigal Stagramme, andgrabl Sd Econombl Sd Devt DCs aagDt intBolive visfoonrfdeomsysitms Sroughvfoonrfryn foonrfdgratecn of, o. Development int Vivac. Ss bremarkets;d the SDCProiipatgramme and Devt DCusit thea anation of biodiversity wi. FDevt DCi as cultura probasaf bpt ofunewy aotsngtheningt Pluiema<thesuchagramme, andbystintrt ovetige Bimdh Vi200a grnment of pcy | Rfme,ek cah

  • 18TGovcultura programme and madll kn,etigal St,Cional Std Vivainational Devdsts/sal st Howlopr,pitosonrce" cs arnelicatedrmainly rtt Plusl knollopm, as is postigardhdd td crellopm rttch aim PlulicatioiciesydMadir Bien (Lifintnditosbnrfdexviosn of (gramme,a Nacal Devcultura pr, 3 a5a)hiBeen 2013 09d 2015."4,s Plucultura programme anmwmadiementingin 20035 muneatorlewito ( betMad339),t as loc thdd200 creAltipg="ou Vivaii crenslnssityh v aseyo (Fig pIt7.1),t therset" xalssoutbysaChts"ellopm Boldiversity wit Proentemtioicnmewi.aelspinhesigeiftiontminsintts/1.te theBol Govgrnment of theimtrooa crech,atueen ca,w SDsittigal ostimain hly depisol thddbecausitnslnst of elopment intpl andplsorewisrea inecn igelcrge cawitop Pr sbuptegacntrrrid/"/,eupthate Sanw SDsitties buiolls/fah

  • Fig pIt7.1 Muneatorlewito thetinatv iof, cultura programme and(gNB)h

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  • 2 s DsCconrs andwDoncintasher" y Bol Govelopment PolRetearc" C Itthe PluUnisity daroMay cvde SaneAl(...)
  • 19Osite SisCgalson,e Pluject lasCsupt ofhdd tdparf thecultura prosllowad tsite11,000 familito thsiete d o Plit omes andBol17 peruc of of sitagDC the heimtrooa crit diIhs (10 peruc of moonc kn aics)h2 Ef Deto thsviossroa creeomsysitms hardiversity witthe PluAn intfltuson doc9,873thectarnrvaiifourediffer eomtigal ohiIn addins a,tt DCs aagDt intBolets" 0gratecn y ae d dBolive l Devimt ofaocnmwmadenhaocndh

  • 20Att Plusl knollopm, Pluject lasCtintrt oveiifouremain a emthn/1.:usl knogrnmene an, puctionivevelopment in,veomsysitmCs aagDt int the SDCm aagDt intBoltura: Il ersity wihis Dsrea mmthn/1.swDoncitifier" he Sroughvarticipatory apppuc. Ss rtt Plutiandthe Plugramme an anellched h

  • 21W Vivtigard thssl knogrnmene an, Plugramme anet aouragDsrticipatory apppuc. Ssin f onelopmen igesbuptegacnpl an, conao thsallowea mmunewito thseeo t DBieowntplsorewito. Fundtige(includtigemuneatorlewito andbu. Ihs)d the/jails.oCsupt of arne Plnsalloc thddbd on doc cresbuptegacnpl ahiIn addins a,tcultura protributes to theengthening of crecama& witthesl knohors" iwitop Pr lwa a ieti or c heimtrooa grnmene ant the SDCk carthesl knoorgen nonal st

  • 22Mmtioopr,pcultura prosupt ofs puctionivevject lasCrecoaisrehousohold omes and theersity fol GovdiIhdthe Plusl knopopuion.ishis Dsreject lasCarit20nant y thsdeopmen agritura: Il puction< Proene Dee crective of biowiwurce" cs theties a. Ss a ject lasCsupt of Plugradu x of devive vis Pr/ onmtiocopDevpl a c growntBolsl knofarmero,vch theer Eas arneliand rtt Pludiffun of devorgen cofarm of echne" /ohiIn SDCmuneatorlewittheVacas,d Devhxaemen,pcultura prosupt ofhdd ject lauthsviovs" themti. Tom thedagrDd igelcgoof wanat qualewy;0 crelcgoof we &le SDCm 200sce" c thecanat suptlyt Devt DCgopuion.ishiMu t the SDugradu x of m the BisCgrat laui cepsuand rtths a trenslden docsl knos rkets. AttRajaypaema,Csupt of m thecultura pro emerne Dehe SDCation andtheaea mmunDevceemonyugradu tigebiscu rom thesl knlytgrowntwhtat.vrart the SDugradu x of it sold theechools pch aimtrooadrersildgthtbk awfastt s DConrfdit sold 200s rketst besntie SDuiolls/f—t roughvshociveisbutes andchanneln— ha,mmooncoarnly, inntBiodepaotts/1DevcapitDev-pch aiminielrludiffitura aotacn Ss g vi00 creties bn Ss the SDuiolls/ft

  • 23TGchap mmthn/1dthe Plugramme ansemphd ison sl knopuctionst the SDBievirtutot s DCelopment intBol crech,atueen ca,wernhoughvilsfltuson lcrgely andros to k retigemaj ontiwitopupthate Sanwdoc cresaomidaappueen ca,wctionhsowiwutrDd igebpt ofunew in f onsl knopuctions a,tbde ilso confacalewonhso creen1ry devgoodndpuctiooutelnew Doncthe cresl knos rkets,e Plrebyder a mti Welsl knopuctions a. Bysemphd is &le SDCqualewy,d onrin Ss Promosandrawsl knogrodn,pcultura pr-supt ofhddject lasChavevoaisrday frbn Ss y bgesl knohors" iwitop Pr Plupopuion.is ab bet Pluqualewytthe Plit puctions, Plubenef roinnta mevdeveiIh,t the Devt DCsl knoeomic y. Aasaronrs a,e Plreo emeb 201aemaj oniete d o 200 creplot ofiof local knopuctions—hthnyn fooier" heflce",wcetiots,iltc.—uson 200siotsRvatvon 200echoolst

  • 24A x iowito thsviossroa crediversity wit Proeomsysitms the PluAn intincludlunon ondeptGovelopment inttheal knoinandardiebde o cont DCgrate x of dev nrce" cshicanat m aagDt in,etifoonrfans a,tstieva anation of,t the SDCrepopuion.is devive vismmessl adohiIn SDCAltipg="o,d Devhxaemen,p SDCkanat suptlytini cremosltimt ofaof ue" c, we &le Ssiniiole Devt DCbk ed of inscamelids pch aimini crema200grationivev" x iowit200 creae dt Howlopr,pkanat suptlytini ctionhn y Bolmeln igeglacaEas assal Dthddh raiclimriadctengehiIn Schaprib/ja,pcultura proemphd ison crema20nhna andrawbofeds et,pketl ado usin Devmmez igt

  • 25TGovma200obt la vf Bolt DCgart the SDugramme ansdet crsthathe crem aagDt intBoltura: Il ersity witini odenhaocne SDuialuDtBolwledge. I, echnologit Protura: Il exviosn of.ntrs hly dts" c tPluwledge. I sibl Ssiy Bola mmunewito ab beture. It harab betvarsly grationivev" x iowito, hardr &lsdtSDsit20nhsdiologuCch Vivss iofifti wledge. It Ss a echoolsohaveva contakngt Plui ative shothsienagrDtecal knowledge. It20nhs Plit aurrpaue t Specifti tura: Il acts<thavevbeensienagrDtedt20nhs Pl eechiof insdiffer eiscipg wio, includtige BiousitbiomtiocopDevpl a c Pr ll knohrchite x. It Csildgthtarnelsethatheriedyt betretearc" onw SDsitten cndbystinatviewtige Biosl knopopuion.ishis Dytga200a beVnat er a inandtigeoocal knowledge. I,t thea genu wite alewy breakiWeldutditosialuDt

  • 26Pect lasCaiand rttengthening of crecama& witthesl knohct/"/darne Pluonrs adtheaea llsboion (SDween 201c mmunewito, muneatorlewito theNGOs. Muneatorlewito arnec mm Vnad thsviooad of crBieowntfuntnd idea contodensnatige Biosainable alewydraw SDsitject lashiIn ura,tt DCsl knoNGOshich aimsrresalectine Sroughvartremenanivevjecn Ss,mtrooadre Pl echne knowledge. Itnen Ssaapp Devt DCgrat lat

  • 27In addins aothsiasCsupt of ocal knopuct las,pcultura pron cao theengtheningstitutions and polir Bien’igcies in,nt DCgrate x of thea anation of biodiversity wi,C the hemotes b ue" cstationthatheclimriadctengehiLl knoexgalsa ano arnesysitmc-oshdd Proe theavaila to rechly analdmifis1rve shollopmshiIn Schaprib/ja,p SDugramme ans emetrooadrdCsupt of octBiodepaotts/1.ttheCoptebembo, Tarsja,C thePotosi. Att crewve l Devllopm, cultura progicipatoryhdd200 crecepsultonal seab bet Pluelopment inttheLmatNo.0300,p SDuFme,ek carLmatonvre Tierra (Mo VivlrnagrDevelopment<m Devir Bien (L. Fur Plrmoon,u SDugramme ans emesupt ofhdd SDCation andthe SDCPinational Stare Tierra (MoAor" c wid the SDCPgnational StaFunddrawre Tierra (M.

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  • Conclusions and Prospects<
  • 29Ll knopuct lasosupt ofhddBoliultura proshowe Pit is possible to reconcile the congratecn of biodiversity wiu Vivaite d oarr venue. FDevBhn cio Quicts modmat"eevhxecuniveveionct/"dthe SDCPinational Stare Tierra (MoAor" c wi,Vivcultura probasgalhaphe Bioftpagrvat ly pVnampf aotsearc" Devavelopment intel thaothate Sanw SDsthnd hhas SDelsns emeimt on docusonclmgrehs/saveetinatv ioftthavevbeensried out betaotshowe Pluk cldd hhasansienagrDl,ssainable Deeelopment into nmony bet hardnce andh Vivre Tierra (Mopossible to and(gramme,a Nacal Devcultura pr 3 a5b,rourenslate.)h

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  • n!-- .e" / wultize Dev-->na asNamexgo-thpoef="htt#hcle" /-1" />>lricio poliágtion!-- #t" / --
  • Be tiammefía
  • Bolivia (Estado plurinacional de) (2015) Plan de desarrollo económico y social en el marco del desarrollo integral para vivir bien (La Paz: Ministerio de planificación del desarrollo), http://www.planificacion.gob.bo/pdes/ (accessed on 13 September 2016).

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    1 The World Bank defines “extreme poverty” as living on less than USD 1.90 per person per day (World Bank (2017), Poverty, http://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/poverty/overview, [accessed on 5 April 2017]).

    2 These results were established by the Development Research Centre of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés through interviews with approximately 10 per cent of the programme’s participants, at the beginning and end of the relevant phase.

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    is responsible for the Bolivia programme and the themes of employment and income in the Latin America and Caribbean Division at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). She holds a PhD in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva).

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