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Dossier. La ville, une œuvre ouverte ?

Communication is Inherent to the New Urban Condition

Hervé Marchal et Jean-Marc Stebé
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La communication inhérente à la nouvelle condition urbaine

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This English translation has not been published in printed form/Cette traduction anglaise n’a pas été publiée sous forme imprimée.

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Communication: one of the necessary conditions for cities to appear
Exacerbated communication in the globalized city
The communicational city
Those forgotten by global communication
Cities: a work in which communication is multiscaled and multiform

Aperçu du début du texte

In general terms, a city is seen as the work of humans insofar as it incarnates a human creation and results from the will to leave a trace testifying to man's existence in both time and the material nature of the world. In this respect, we may cite the trench Romulus dug to define the boundary of Rome, a symbolic gesture which differentiates between nature - a world which man has no power over - and culture - a world, and in this case a city on which man can leave a trace. From this standpoint, cities represent a purely human construct, an artificial world which provides a protective material setting and an environment suited to the development of its political, cultural and economic activities for the human community faced with the constraints of nature. The city, as an artefact, reveals that man is able to impose his laws and rhythms on Nature, humanize his environment, organize his surroundings, ensure his long-term presence and thus put distance between himself and the world's ...

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Hervé Marchal et Jean-Marc Stebé, « Communication is Inherent to the New Urban Condition », Questions de communication [En ligne], 25 | 2014, mis en ligne le 01 février 2014, consulté le 12 décembre 2017. URL :

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Hervé Marchal

Lorraine Laboratory for the Social Sciences
University of Lorraine

Jean-Marc Stebé

Lorraine Laboratory for the Social Sciences
University of Lorraine

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