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14 | 2e semestre / Autumn 2013
Autour d’Ostrom : communs, droits de propriété et institutionnalisme méthodologique

The Topicality of Ostrom’s Approach: the Commons, Property Rights and Methodological Institutionalism
Edited by Jean-Pierre Chanteau, Benjamin Coriat, Agnès Labrousse and Fabienne Orsi

This fourteenth issue contains the dossier The Topicality of Ostrom’s Approach: the Commons, Property Rights and Methodological Institutionalism, followed by Varia papers, some substantive book reviews and Opinion - Debate articles. This dossier is original in many respects and, beyond the topic of the “commons”, will interest all researchers in the field of the historical institutionalism. The other contributions, while not strictly speaking academic articles, also contribute to the research process and intellectual discussion in important ways. These pieces enrich and renew three issues that are today of interest among the whole community of economists, after having long been confined to heterodoxy: 1. The question of the links between the global reach of capitalism and transformations within capitalism itself; 2. The question of the long-term effects of the concentration of capital; and finally, 3. The problem of how the financial instability engendered by the concentration of capital can be controlled. >> read more

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