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Manuscripts submitted for publication (main articles, squibs and reviews) should be sent to the REMI Editors electronically ( Main articles and squibs (in English, French or Spanish) should report unpublished work. They will be anonymously reviewed by three reviewers. The Publishing Committee’s decision (acceptance, suggestions for improvement & changes, or rejection) will be notified within six months of submission. As is customary in academic journals, we ask that authors refrain from submitting their papers to other publications while it is being considered by REMI.

Main articles should be at least 55,000 characters and not exceed 70,000 characters

Squibs should be at least 30,000 characters and not exceed 45,000 characters. The aim is to add value to the researches still in progress and present an empirical procedure, innovative methodologies, the analysis of statistical studies or a current issue.

They both should be complemented by keywords and three abstracts translated into French, English and Spanish (no longer than 1,000 characters; main title should be translated into all 3 languages). The character number (with spaces) includes bibliography, footnotes, tables, graphs, abstracts and appendixes.

Reviews should be at least 6,000 characters and not exceed 8,000 characters.

Guidelines for Presentation


Should be followed by author’s names, title, professional address & email address.


Should be typed without tabs (Word or Open Office), in 12 pt font Times New Roman. Footnotes (no endnotes) in 9 pt font Times New Roman. Capital letters should be accented (for French and Spanish). Subdivisions should be numbered I/; I/ 1.; I/ 1. 1.; …; II/, etc.


Should be numbered as follows: Map1, 2, etc.; Table 1, 2, etc.; Picture 1, 2, etc. They should be sent as separate files in their original format (.xls, .ai, .jpg, etc.). Titles, sources and captions should be included in every case. Maps should specify orientation and scale. Figures/pictures will be published in black and white in the paper version, and in colour in the electronic version if applicable.


In the text will appear in brackets in the following format: (Name, date: pages)

(Papail and Arroyo, 1972: 45-56)


Should appear at the end of the text, in the following format:

For a Book

Name First Name (date of publication) Title, City, Publisher, number of pages.

Duchac René (1974) La sociologie des migrations aux États-Unis, Paris, Mouton, 566 p.

For an Article in a Reader

Name First Name (date of publication) Title of article, in First Name Name Éd., Book Title, City, Publisher, pages of article.

Knafou Rémy (2000) Les mobilités touristiques et de loisirs et le système global des mobilités, in Marie Bonnet et Dominique Desjeux Éds., Les territoires de la mobilité, Paris, PUF, pp. 85-94.

For a Journal Article

Name First Name (date of publication) Title of article, Journal title, volume (number), pages of article.

Simon Gildas (1996) La France, le système migratoire européen et la mondialisation, Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales, 12 (2), pp. 261-273.

For an Online Article

Name First Name (date of publication) Title, [online] last checked on... URL: …

Even Marie-Dominique (1996) Un entretien avec Dj. Enkhsaïkhan sur la politique extérieure de la Mongolie, [online] last checked on 01/01/2012. URL:

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