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52 | 2015
Lecture et écriture : les choix des enseignants au début de l’école élémentaire

Reading and writing : teachers’ choices at the beginning of primary school
Repères n° 52
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16 x 24 cm - 226 p.
ISBN 978-2-84788-766-2

How to make recommendations regarding reading and writing at the beginning of primary school without knowing teachers’ practices, without measuring the efficiency of their practices, without seizing the complexity of early learnings? And how to document teachers’ choices?

The present issue questions teachers’ points of view and tries to understand how they organize, in the classroom, the development of literacy skills, with which objectives, which progress, which modes of evaluation and which educational choices. In fact, the big question is that of the description of the complexity of school situations regarding literacy learning.

From this point of view, the variety of papers in this issue is promising. Some of them face issues such as the teaching of understanding or that of the pupils with special needs. Others are interested in the graphomotricity of writing, or in its link with reading. Others deal with the study of grammar, literacy acculturation, the practice of poetry, the use of the blackboard.

Five articles deliver the first results of the national research “Reading and writing in 1P” and five others report varied researches. All in all, this issue enables readers to understand literacy teaching practices at the beginning of compulsory education. As for the efficiency of teaching practices, the questioning has now begun, even if the consequences of teachers’ choices, in particular on the development of  pupils’ literacy skills, has to be explored further. School time not being stretchable, it is a major issue to look for threshold effects and to end up with well-balanced proposals.

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