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Le champ de la psychiatrie de l’enfant

Patient Dossiers and Clinical Practice in 1950s French Child Psychiatry

Dossiers de patients et pratique clinique en psychiatrie de l’enfant dans la France des années 1950
Susan Gross Solomon
p. 275-296


This paper examines issues of practice in post-war French child psychiatry through the prism of patient records. At the center of the paper is the case of a young girl who, from her early childhood, was placed in a children’s home run by the Jewish social service agency, Œuvre de secours aux enfants (OSE). Between twelve and fifteen years of age, the girl was hospitalized three separate times in the psychiatric service of Dr Georges Heuyer and his successor, Léon Michaux at La Salpêtrière. Comparing the extensive OSE and La Salpêtrière files on the young girl allows us to pinpoint the ways in which the profile of the treating institution shapes the construction of the patient record. Reading the two sets of files in tandem reveals some of the structural obstacles to the cooperation of French institutions for child psychiatry.

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M-H in the files of La Salpêtrière
M-H in the files of L’Œuvre de secours aux enfants

In the course of the week-long First International Congress of Child Psychiatry delegates, who hailed from 26 different countries, were taken on a series of visits designed to showcase the institutions of the emerging field of child psychiatry in France. On the opening day of the Congress, Dr. Georges Heuyer shepherded participants to the seventy-five year old asylum at Perray-Vaucluse; there, in a “wooded and picturesque” setting they were greeted by Dr. Maurice Brissot, the newly-appointed Director of the Children’s Colony. The following day, delegates toured the Clinique annexe de neuropsychiatrie infantile, where the Clinic’s founding Director, Heuyer, spoke about the principles of its operation. Reflecting the social and political importance of the field of child psychiatry, the delegates’ visit to Heuyer’s clinic was followed by an official lunch at Fontainebleau and a tea hosted by the Marquise de Ganay in her Château de Couranges. A few days later, Congress participants went...

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Susan Gross Solomon, « Patient Dossiers and Clinical Practice in 1950s French Child Psychiatry », Revue d’histoire de l’enfance « irrégulière », 18 | 2016, 275-296.

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Susan Gross Solomon, « Patient Dossiers and Clinical Practice in 1950s French Child Psychiatry », Revue d’histoire de l’enfance « irrégulière » [En línea], 18 | 2016, Puesto en línea el 30 noviembre 2018, consultado el 18 diciembre 2017. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/rhei.3972

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Susan Gross Solomon

Professeure émérite en science politique, Munk Global Affairs, University of Toronto.

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