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56 | avril 2011
Le curriculum dans les politiques éducatives

The curriculum in educational policy
El currículo en las políticas educativas
Edited by Roger-François GAUTHIER
Le curriculum dans les politiques éducatives
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ISBN 978-2854205916

What should be taught? How is this decided? What form might it take? A number of countries are giving increased importance to such issues in their educational policies.
First surprise: almost everywhere, except in France, the concept of curriculum ie being invoked. Why is this?
Second observation; in most countries, what is being taught is less and less obvious which is developing into a major concern related to the issue of quality learning. On the one hand, the objective is to define what is relevant knowledge, and on the other to thwart, wherever it exists, the machinery which leads to educational failure.
This is a change of perspective on an international scale: the focus is no longer merely on the quantitative aspect of educating students. In France, too, the introduction of the common core of knowledge and skills has arisen out of such developments.
Are educational policies focusing on the school curriculum likely to contribute in innovative ways to an effective improvement of education systems?  
Countries studied: UK, Belgium, Chile, Finland, France, Italy and Tanzania, and two background articles.