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58 | décembre 2011
Les ONG et l'éducation

NGOs and Education
Las ONG y la educación
Edited by Sandra Barlet and Jean-Pierre Jarousse
Les ONG et l'éducation
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ISBN 978-2-85420-593-0

NGOs, whether they operate in a single country or at international level, act as partners to States, sponsors, and peoples in a wide range of fields. Their presence is particularly felt in education, where it takes a great variety of forms.

Their contributions, along with the limits set on their intervention, are the subject of No.58 of the Revue Internationale d'Education de Sèvres, which is devoted to a topic that research has so far only barely touched upon.

With examples drawn from a variety of cases, geographies and contexts, mainly in the South, this special issue reflects the different questions and viewpoints of sponsors and NGOs themselves, as well as of French and foreign researchers.

What place do NGOs have today, how do they operate, and what is their intervention with regard to activities for which States are usually seen as being responsible?

What role do they play in the evolution of educational policies, in particular in developing countries, and in the lives of the peoples concerned? What new actors and innovative practices emerge in this vast sector of aid to development?

Coordination: Sandra Barlet (GRET), with Jean-Pierre Jarousse.