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72 | 2016
Confiance, éducation et autorité

Trust, education and authority
Confianza, educación y autoridad
Edited by Laurence Cornu

There can be no education without authority or trust. And yet, across the world, it seems that there is an urgent need to reiterate this obvious fact, and indeed to examine these falsely clear notions.
What forms the basis of trust in classrooms, schools and education systems? How can it be measured, and on what conditions should it be supported when the education crisis and the crisis of trust seem to go hand in hand?
Enriched by original studies and diverse approaches, Issue 72 of the Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres seeks to observe the place and forms of trust in ten countries with very varied contexts: England, Benin, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Dijbouti, Finland, France, New Zealand, and Portugal.
Producing diagnoses, defining operational concepts and formulating original suggestions, the authors show the extent to which the teaching sector is not independent from the social and political sphere and its events.
What this issue offers is a concrete philosophy of trust as a condition of democracy and a mode of action for high-quality education.