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53 | avril 2010
Qualité, équité et diversité dans le préscolaire

Quality, equity and diversity in preschool education
Calidad, equidad y diversidad en el contexto preescolar
Edited by Sylvie Rayna

The issue of early education for very young children has grown in importance and visibility around the world in recent years. Seen internationally as a children's right from birth onwards, in the context of education for all (UNESCO), the field has benefited over the past fifteen years from a great deal of comparative research.
This 53rd issue of the Revue internationale d'éducation de Sèvres focuses on work being carried out by a number of research movements on the concepts and values of quality, equity and diversity in preschool education.
From this perspective, the authors, from selected countries across all five continents, explore the meaning given to the education of young children in Brazil, England, France, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Senegal, Sweden and the United States.
Studying the policies and practices of their respective countries, the authors attempt to answer questions on the quality of life of young children in educational institutions, on teaching practices, systems, collaborations, partnerships required for education to function and the responses being offered to the changing needs of families and societies.
Their answers to these questions invite us to think further.
Issue coordinated by Sylvie Rayna, INRP (Institut National de la Recherche Pédagogique - INRP), University of Paris 13.