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41 | 2015
Unir et construire l'Europe

Circulations, transferts et croisements des projets européens (XVIIIe siècle - XXe siècle)
Uniting and Building Europe. Circulation, Transfers and Entanglements of United Europe Projects (XVIIIth-XXth Century)
Europa denken und aufbauen. Transfers und Verflechtungen der Modelle für die Einigung Europas (18. Jahrhundert-20. Jahrhundert)
Edited by Nicolas Beaupré and Landry Charrier

This special issue of Siècles is based on a historiographical renewal in the dynamic field of research on Europe, and deals with the emergence and circulation of the European Idea in various countries such as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and also in different historical contexts – from the French Revolution to the aftermaths of the Second World War. One of its aims is to show the richness of the European debate, the variety of its actors and promoters long before its implementation in the second half of the XXth Century.
In this perspective, this issue of Siècles focuses on two main aspects: on the one hand, the circulation, transfer and entanglements of the different models of a united continent, and on the other hand, the intellectuals, experts, writers, politicians, jurists or prisoners of war involved in this debate.
The articles show the importance for these actors of models, anti-models and references such as the French Revolution, pacifism, socialism, the United States, and Pan-Americanism.
It also questions the relevance of historical experiences such as revolution, war, emigration, and political violence in the choice made of defending the option of a united and peaceful Europe.
This issue is therefore a manifesto that defends a contextualized social, cultural and transnational history of the European idea.

Editor's notes

La mise en ligne de ce numéro a été effectuée par Isabelle Langlois et Claude Tardif.

Judith Barnoin a assuré la relecture et la correction des résumés anglais.

Vignette : affiche de 1950 réalisée dans le cadre d’un concours de 10 000 affiches lancé pour promouvoir le European Recovery Program (ERP dit Plan Marshall) et la coopération européenne. Elle figure parmi les 25 affiches lauréates. Crédit :  George C. Marshall Foundation, Lexington, VA 24450

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