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TIPA. Travaux interdisciplinaires sur la parole et le langage (Interdisciplinary works on speech and language) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to studies about speech and language, from a strong interdisciplinary perspective. The issues are addressed through different lines of research: the analysis of physiological and cognitive processes; description and formalization; discursive and interactive mechanisms; speech and language disorders, disability.

The first volume was published in 1972, at the time when the historical structure of the LPL (Laboratoire Parole et Langage, was created. At that time, TIPA was one of the few journals publishing issues and results of the scientific community of phoneticians. So from volume 1 to 27, TIPA successively published scientific studies by the members of the LPL, including phoneticians, linguists, computer scientists, psychologists, physicists and medical doctors. TIPA thus became a showcase for the wide range of the lab activities.

From volume 28 (2012) on, TIPA’s editorial politics is adopting a new approach:

The journal is published online on the Web platform journals and book series in the humanities and social sciences and opens the way to the national and international scientific community.

Each volume will be managed by a guest editor from France or abroad. The editor will decide on topic(s) covered by the current volume and will coordinate the scientific editorial board.

TIPA maintains its focus on interdisciplinary issues inside the linguistic framework, so the editors can choose within a wide range of topics (experimental linguistics, field linguistics, psycholinguistics, phonetics, neurolinguistics, natural language processing, speech and language disorders studies, sociolinguistics, didactics, …).

Calls for articles will be widend to the international scientific community.

Latest issue
33 | 2017
Discours en conflit et conflit en discours. Contextes institutionnels

Discourse in conflict and conflict in discourse: institutional contexts

Sous la direction de Laura-Anca Parepa et Tsuyoshi Kida

Comité scientifique

Julie Abbou, Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, LPL UMR 7309, France
Andrej Bekeš, Université de Ljubljana, Slovénie
Martine Faraco, Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, LPL UMR 7309, France
Isabelle Guaïtella, Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, LPL UMR 7309, France
Sophie Herment, Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, LPL UMR 7309, France
Tsuyoshi Kida, University of Tsukuba /LCSL-ICR, Japon
Goro-Christoph Kimura, Université de Sophia, Japon
Michiko Kuroda, Médiatrice internationale à l'ONU, Mercy College, USA
Philippe Martin, Université Paris 7 Diderot, France
Jean-Marie Merle, Université de Nice, France
Laura-Anca Parepa, University of Tsukuba/JSPS Research Fellow, Japon
Aleš Bučar Ručman, Université de Maribor, Slovénie
Frédéric Sabio, Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, LPL UMR 7309, France
Gale Stam, National Louis University, Chicago, USA

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