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6 : 1-2 | 2008
Géographie, musique et postcolonialisme

Geography, music and postcolonialism
Edited by Yves Raibaud
Couverture du numéro 6 : 1-2
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Credits : Éd. Mélanie Seteun
210x210mm - 300 p. - 20 €
ISBN 978-2-913169-25-8

Six articles of this issue of Volume ! apply the concept of postcolonialism to the analysis of popular music in its geographical and historical dimensions, and its relationship to questions of race and potscolonial influence. This dossier is followed by a new French translation of Philip Tagg's open letter on "black" music and five articles on punk in Quebec, metal, Albert Ayler and free jazz in France, the French rock band Noir Désir and Nurse With Wound.