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8 : 1 | 2011
Peut-on parler de musique noire  ?

What is it we call "Black" music?
Edited by Emmanuel Parent
Volume ! n°8 : 1 - couverture
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Credits : M. Saladin
210x210mm - 328 p. - 19 €
ISBN 978-2-913169-29-6

A selection of texts from the April 2010 conference in Bordeaux based on a critical discussion of Philipp Tagg's famous letter on the issue, this issue of Volume ! wishes to question our way of apprehending a popular music field that we easily identify (blues, jazz, reggae, rap, etc.) without being able to define it precisely. What is it that unites such different types of music? Colour of skin? A geographical area? Certain specific musical qualities? There's no obvious answer. Ten authors thus tackle the subject to deconstruct the use of racial categories in music, without however abandoning such terms, that have been shaping our practices for centuries. Instead, they invite us to clearly consider the complex links between race and music, to look at them in a new light.