Editorial teams

OpenEdition Journals offers editorial teams the infrastructure and skills they need to oversee the digital publishing process from start to finish. The platform hosts and enriches your texts free of charge and also provides tools and training related to digital publishing.

Each journal has its own customizable site, which is indexed in the OpenEdition Journals catalogue as well as in university catalogues. Journals benefit from a range of features including content structuring, article citability, long-term access to data, interoperability with other systems, targeted referencing, access to downloadable formats, etc.

Journals can choose from several distribution policies, some of which have a commercial element. Journals can be published in both print and digital formats, or choose to be an exclusively digital publication. To join OpenEdition Journals, a journal must meet the international standards of academic digital publishing.

A step-by-step guide to publishing on OpenEdition Journals

Joining OpenEdition Journals
The journal team submits an application to join OpenEdition Journals and makes ​​an inventory of its articles' computer files. Its application is examined by OpenEdition’s academic board and in some cases, by an external expert.

Preparing the website and texts
The journal team receives training on digital publishing and using Lodel. It receives personalized support from a designated member of OpenEdition’s editorial team, learns to upload texts and gets its website ready. Data is available at all times and is backed up on a daily basis.

Ongoing editorial and technical support
Once the website has been launched, the journal team continues to receive editorial advice and technical support. The journal’s website is automatically updated and benefits from all new features developed by OpenEdition. The journal may request editorial changes for its website and these can be quickly implemented.

Features and services

All the features and services proposed by OpenEdition Journals are discussed in the following overview:


You are the editor or an existing journal or you are about to create one, and you would like to know more about joining OpenEdition Journals.
Contact: accession[at]


Your journal is in the process of joining or has just joined OpenEdition Journals, and you would like to attend a Lodel training event.
Contact :

Technical support

You have a question or are encountering problems. Contact the OpenEdition Journals support service:
This service is available to the digital publishing staff of journals hosted on OpenEdition Journals. It is on hand to answer questions about preparing texts, styling texts with Lodel and uploading content.
In addition, editorial teams can access a specialist support site, La Maison des revues.

OpenEdition Freemium for Journals

OpenEdition Freemium is a commercial distribution programme aimed at libraries and research institutions. Its aim is to develop a viable economic model for open access digital journals. At present 130 journals hosted on OpenEdition Journals have already chosen the OpenEdition Freemium distribution programme. This increases their visibility among universities and institutions and generates higher income.
Libraries and institutions subscribing to OpenEdition Freemium for Journals have free and unrestricted access to the HTML format of articles. They are also able to download DRM-free PDFs and ePubs without download quotas. Additional services are also provided to subscribing institutions.