The Revue internationale de pédagogie de l’enseignement supérieur joins

The Revue internationale de l’enseignement supérieur (International Journal of Higher Education) launches its website on RIPES is the official journal of the Association Internationale de pédagogie universitaire. Through its pluridisciplinary direction, it aims to study various issues dealing with issues relating to higher, or post-secondary, education and its teaching practices. Among other things, the journal aims to encourage and nourish various debates dealing with higher education, as well as to diffuse research work, reference frameworks and practices with a view to improving the understanding and quality of the training measures, programs and strategies applied in higher education.It is targeted to all people interested or involved in the development of teaching and training in higher education.Now an electronic publication, RIPES presents its two latest issues in open-access. The former issues, published under the name Res Academica, will soon be online too.