Inauguration de Rursus

Designed by researchers into antique languages at the Université de Nice, the Rursus journal is devoted to the poetics, reception and rewriting of antique texts. So-called “ironic” literature is not a marginal scholarly or even decadent area of the field of literature, but a crucial element in this field, because the original – in both senses of the term – trope of writing is irony. This conviction of the necessarily hypertextual nature of creation is not ideological but involves close attention to changes to, diversions from and the renewal of the tradition.
Rursus is an open access publication on the research notebook platform. The latest issue, Les épopées tardives (no 5), has just been published. The first issues in the collection are also available in full text: Le modèle animal (nos. 1 and 2), Varia (no. 3), and Erotica (no. 4).