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Dear subscribers,

This summer, we have the pleasure of presenting you with the first OpenEdition Newsletter. Every two months, you will now receive news about journal publications on the platform and the list of research blogs to have recently joined Hypotheses, with an emphasis on English-language and international content.

For this first newsletter, we would like to draw your attention to three online journals in English: IdeAs, Études irlandaises and InMedia, The French Journal of Media and Media Representations in the English-Speaking World. Among other recent publications on platform, we would also like to mention the Revue d’Alsace, the oldest French periodical looking at regional history, the Cahiers d’études italiennes and ln Situ. Revue des patrimoines which has just published its full collection online.

Enjoy your reading.

Céline Barthonnat, publishing administrator news

New journals in English

Creation of the electronic journal IdeAs. Idées d'Amérique

IdeAs. Idées d'Amériques is an open access journal produced by the Institut des Amériques. Following a multidisciplinary approach in the humanities and social sciences, the journal is dedicated to the study of the whole of the American continent and each year publishes two theme issues of articles based on comparative and transnational approaches. IdeAs also aims to use online publication to create a space for exchange on the subjects discussed, and has an active translation policy. The inaugural issue “Integration in the Americas. Fresh socio-economic perspectives” is now online in full text.


Études irlandaises is online

Études irlandaises is a French journal dedicated to history, civilization and Irish literature (the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland), and more generally any area relating to Ireland, such as diaspora studies, intercultural exchange, and diplomatic relations from Antiquity to the present day. Founded in 1987, it is today published with the support of Ireland’s cultural relations office, the Universités de Caen, Lille 3, Reims and Rennes 2, and the CNRS. Articles are published in French, English or Gaelic. For the opening of the Études irlandaises website, six issues are already online, including two in open access.


The French Journal of Media and Media Representations in the English-Speaking World

The aim of InMedia. The French Journal of Media and Media Representations in the English-Speaking World is to study the media and media representations in the English-speaking world. The journal focuses on the press, photography, painting, cinema, television, video games, music, radio and the Internet among other fields of study. It provides a multidisciplinary approach and comparative perspectives. Contributions are welcome from many research areas, including history, economics, political sciences, sociology, aesthetics, anthropology or science and communication studies. For the opening of the site an inaugural issue "Global Film and Television Industries Today" is online in full text in HTML and, via the OpenEdition Freemium program, in PDF and ePub formats.


Other new journals

The full collection of the Cahiers d’études italiennes now online

Since 2004, the Cahiers d’études italiennes have offered theme issues looking alternately at the Italian culture of the Middle Ages to the Baroque period (Filigrana) and that of modern and contemporary periods – the 19th-20th century (Novecento e dintorni). The journal privileges interdisciplinary approaches to literature, cinema, and the arts as well as cultural relation between Italy, France and other European countries. The articles are in French or in Italian. Cahiers d’études italiennes is the 6th journal published by the Éditions littéraires et linguistiques de l’université de Grenoble to join platform. For the opening of the journal’s website, the whole collection has been published online, that is to say 14 issues, including 11 issues in full text.


Revue d’Alsace, the oldest journal of regional history, joins

The Revue d’Alsace journal focuses on research into the contemporary history of Alsace. It forms a bridge between the historical work of universities, libraries, and regional and local archives in Alsace, and the activity of the researchers who are part of the 110 history and archaeology societies in France. The journal has been published, practically uninterrupted, since its creation in 1834 and, since 1952, has been run by the Fédération des Sociétés d’Histoire et d’Archéologie d'Alsace. The Revue d’Alsaces inauguration sees the publication of the six most recent issues, including three issues in full text.


In Situ. Revue des patrimoines has published its full collection

In Situ has published its whole collection in open access on, all 17 issues since the creation of the journal in 2004. Published by the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, In Situ offers all heritage professionals a means to distribute the results of their research into heritage knowledge, conservation and promotion.


Latest issues

E-rea. Publication of issue vol. 9-2 (2012), La syntaxe mensongère, in full text

European journal of Turkish studies. Publication of issue no. 12 (2011), Demographic Engineering - Part II, in full text

Field Actions Science Reports. Publication of the special issue 4 (2012), Fighting Poverty, between market and gift, in full text

Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative. Publication of issue no. 2 (2012), Selected Papers from the 2010 TEI Conference, in full text

Kernos. Publication of issue no. 24 (2011)

Observatoire de la société britannique. Publication of issue no. 10 (2011), Les politiques économiques des années Brown 1997-2010

Revue LISA / LISA e-journal. Publication of issue vol. X, no. 1 (2012), Varieties of Experience of Modern Warfare‎, in full text

Revue de géographie alpine/Journal of Alpine research. Publication of issue no. 100-1 (2012), Mountain, marginality and disaster, in full text

Revue d’économie industrielle. Publication of issue no. 136 (2011), L'économie du logiciel libre

Revue d’études benthamiennes. Publication of issue no. 10 (2012), in full text

Revue internationale de politique de développement. Publication of issue no. 3 (2012), Dossier | Aid, Emerging Economies and Global Policies, in full text

Sillages critiques. Publication of issue no. 13 (2011), Arcadias, in full text

South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal. Publication of issue no. 5 (2011), Rethinking Urban Democracy in South Asia, in full text

The Journal of power institutions in post-soviet societies. Publication of issue no. 12 (2011), Contemporary Uses of the Second World War in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics, in full text

Transatlantica. Publication of issue no. 2 (2011), Sport et société / Animals and the American imagination, in full-text

Transtext(e)s Transcultures. Publication of issue no. 6 (2011), Debating China, in full text

Hypotheses news

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