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With over three million visits per month to its platforms, OpenEdition has become an important actor in humanities and social sciences publishing world, all thanks to you. In 2009, our first survey gave us a chance to identify the readership, and you shared your ideas and expectations with us. Today, we have a new survey for you, covering the full range of our academic communication platforms, which will enable us to find out more about you and improve our services. The survey is also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese: The online questionnaire only takes a few minutes to fill in and the OpenEdition team is very grateful for your participation.

We are pleased to announce the publication of six new journals on Based in Brazil, Terra Brasilis focuses on the history of geography and geographical history in Brazil and Latin America; three issues have been published in Open Access. RCCS Annual Review offers a selection of articles published in Revista Crítica de Ciêncais Sociais, translated into English. Nine issues of the History and Literature in North-West Europe book series are available in full text. Three other French journals also offer articles in other languages: Babel, a multilingual journal of comparative literature; Moussons, looking at South-East Asia; and Mise au point, dedicated to research into cinema and television. All publications are online in Open Access and available for download in PDFand ePub formats via the OpenEdition Freemium program for libraries.

This newsletter also features the latest issues of journals publishing in English, as well as the latest research blogs on Hypotheses.

The OpenEdition team would like to wish you a happy holiday season.

Enjoy your reading.

Céline Barthonnat, publishing administrator news

New journals

Terra Brasilis: history of geography and historical geography

Created in 2000, Terra Brasilis is a journal created by the Brazilian network of the history of geography and historical geography, RedeBrasilis, and published by the University of São Paulo. It is devoted to the history of geography, historical geography, the history of geographical thought, the history of cartography and the history of the teaching of geography, mainly in Brazil and in Latin America. For the opening of the journal’s website, all nine issues of the first series are available online, as well as the inaugural issue of the new series. All articles are available in Open Access and Portuguese is the main publication language.


RCCS Annual Review: a selection of Portuguese research in the humanities and social sciences

Created in 2009, RCCS Annual Review is an e-journal published by the Centro de Estudos Sociais at the University of Coimbra, Laboratório Associado do MCE. The publication compiles a selection of eight articles published the previous year in Revista Crítica de Ciêncais Sociais. Articles selected are translated into English to promote the results and debates driving Portuguese research in the humanities and social sciences. For the inauguration of the website, the journal is offering its full collection of five issues. All issues are openly accessible online and available for download on PDF and ePub via the OpenEdition Freemium program for libraries.


History and literature in North-West Europe

The book series Histoire et littérature de l’Europe du Nord-Ouest, created in 1987, now contains fifty books. It publishes conference proceedings and annotated edition of texts about north-western Europe, all periods included. The series is published by the Institut de recherches du Septentrion at the Université de Lille 3 (IRHiS) which also publishes two journals, Apparence(s) and Comptabilité(s), and a research blog on Hypotheses, the Blog de l’IRHiS
To coincide with the opening of the website, the book series offers nine works in Open Access for all, and available for download on PDF and ePub via the OpenEdition Freemium program for libraries.


Babel, a multilingual journal of comparative literature

Babel. Littératures plurielles is a literary journal from the Babel research laboratory at Toulon university. This comparative and critical journal focuses on a broad range of French-language, English-language, Spanish-language, Italian-language or German-language literature. The journal advocates the study of literature in all its concrete manifestations, and sets out to participate in the renewal of the perspectives and critical methods in literature. To coincide with its inauguration, Babel offers nine issues on its website, covering the last seven years of the Babel-Littératures series. All issues are accessible in Open Access and available for download on PDF and ePub via the OpenEdition Freemium program for libraries.


Moussons. Humanities research in Eastern Asia

Created in 1999, Moussons is a comparative and interdisciplinary journal devoted to South-East Asia, its islands and continents, and its Indian and Chinese fringes. The journal covers the full range of the humanities and social sciences, especially anthropology, sociology and contemporary history. The journal, published by Presses universitaires de Provence, has an international peer review committee and publishes in English and French. For the opening of its website, the journal has made available its last three years of publication online—seven issues in all. All articles are in Open Access for all, and available for download on PDF and ePub via the OpenEdition Freemium program for libraries.


Mise au point, a new journal devoted to research into cinema and television

Mise au point is a journal looking at issues of cinematic and audiovisual creation, from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on history, culture, aesthetics, economics, sociology, communication and anthropology. It is produced by the Association française des enseignants et chercheurs en cinéma et audiovisuel (AFECCAV). Created in 2008, the journal has published the two most recent issues on, and the full collection will become available shortly. All articles are freely accessible online and available for download in PDF and ePub formats via the OpenEdition Freemium program for libraries.


Latest issues

Aitia. Regards sur la culture hellénistique au XXIe siècle. Publication of issue no. 2 (2012), Epic tradition from Apollonius of Rhodes to Nonnus of Panopolis. Tribute to Francis Vian, in full text

Articulo - Journal of Urban Research. Publication of issue no. 9 (2012), Geography of finance and real estate, in full text

Collections électroniques de l’Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement. Publication of the book Decentralization Hybridized. A Western Concept on its Way through South Sudan by Annina Aeberli, in full text

Cybergeo : revue européenne de géographie / European journal of geography. Publication of new full-text articles in the sections "Espace, Société, Territoire"(art. 619), "Epistémologie, Histoire de la Géographie, Didactique"(art. 618, art. 617, art. 616 et art. 612), "Environnement, Nature, Paysage" (art. 615), "Politique, Culture, Représentations" (art. 614), "Systèmes, Modélisation, Géostatistiques" (art. 613)

Discours. Publication of issue no. 10 (2012), Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Signalling Text Organisation, in full text

Field Actions Science Reports. Publication of special issue 5 (2012), Women’s and Children’s Health and special issue 6 (2012), Reconciling Poverty Eradication and Protection of the Environment, in full text

Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative. Publication of issue no. 3 (2012), TEI and Linguistics, in full text

Les leçons inaugurales du Collège de France. Publication of lesson no. 226 (2012), Data Sciences: From First-Order Logic to the Web de Serge Abiteboul, in full text

Nuevo mundo mundos nuevos. Publication of new articles in the sections "Colloques" and "Comptes rendus et essais historiographiques", in full text

Quaternaire. Publication of issue vol. 23-3 (2012), Paléo-environnements et Préhistoire du Quaternaire marocain et méditerranéen

Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes. Publication of issue no. 41 (2012), New perspectives on genericity at the interfaces

S.A.P.I.EN.S. Publication of issue vol. 5-2 (2012), IUCN Commissions, in full text

The Journal of power institutions in post-soviet societies. Publication of issue no. 13 (2012), Police Brutality & Police Reform in Russia and the CIS, in full text

Égypte/Monde arabe. Parution of issue no. 9 (2011), Local Governance in the Arab World and the Mediterranean: What Role for Women?

Hypotheses news

New research blogs on Hypotheses

    in English

    IRNWC. International Research Network for War Commemoration
    SAW ERC Project. Mathematical Sciences in the Ancient World
    The Dragonfly’s Gaze. Computational approaches to literary text analysis
    The Recipes Project. Food, Magic, Science, and Medicine
    URBACHINA. Sustainable urbanisation in China

      in German

      Altgläubige in der Reformation. Die Entstehung ’katholischer’ Zugehörigkeiten im Alten Reich und Frankreich (1517-1540)
      Annot@tio. Sprachgeschichte und Digital Humanities
      Archäologiedigitale. Innovative Forschungen in der Archäologie
      Astrologie der Frühen Neuzeit. Beiträge zur Ideengeschichte der Astrologie im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert

      Digitales Geschichtslernen. Seminar Blog Geschichtsdidaktik - Kooperation der Universität des Saarlandes und der Universität zu Köln
      Dresden Summer School 2012. Von der Vitrine zum Web 2.0 - Museen, Bibliotheken und Archive im Digitalen Zeitalter
      Frobenius Forster. Netzwerke gelehrter Mönche. St. Emmeram im Zeitalter der Aufklärung
      Geisteswissenschaft als Beruf. Ein Blog der Max-Weber-Stiftung über Karriere, Förderung und Internationalität
      Geisteswissenschaft im Dialog. Gespräch der Geisteswissenschaften - miteinander, mit den anderen Wissenschaften und mit der Öffentlichkeit

      Gerhard Richter Archiv. Vom Sammeln und Forschen in einem Künstlerarchiv
      Hans Sedlmayrs Modernekritik. Hans Sedlmayr’s Critique of Modernity
      Historisch denken | Geschichte machen. Anmerkungen zu Geschichte | Vergangenheit | Geschichtsunterricht | Geschichtsdidaktik
      Konferenzblog 31.1. - 1.2.2013. Rezensieren – Kommentieren – Bloggen: Wie kommuniziert der Geisteswissenschaftler in der digitalen Zukunft?
      MinusEinsEbene. Ein mittelalterarchäologischer Doktorandenblog
      Ordensgeschichte. Ein interdisziplinäres Gemeinschaftsblog zur Geschichte von Klöstern und Orden

        in Spanish

        Capaz Norte La Paz. Capacidades, resiliencias y repuestas al cambio de los actores sociales en la última frontera de La Paz
        Clioscopia. A través del periscopio del Clionauta
        Contextos universitarios mediados. Blog de García Aretio sobre educación universitaria en contextos no presenciales
        E-pigraphia. Epigrafía en Internet
        El vellocino de oro. Blog de contenido sobre cultura griega y romana
        Estetica modal. Estudios de pensamiento modal aplicados a la estética
        Reinventar la Antigüedad. Historia cultural de los estudios clásicos en España (1713-1939)

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