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Archivio Antropologico Mediterraneo is a half-yearly review of cultural anthropology, created in 1998. “Archivio” stands for memory; it implies a conscious and available deposit of moments of reality, which are documented and investigated with an ethnographical and anthropological approach. “Mediterranean” is the horizon closer to the initial work-group of the review, which has been progressively expanded far beyond this geographic, cultural and historic area. Attentive to the dynamics and processes of contemporary world Archivio Antropologico Mediterraneo aspire to be a point of reference for Italian and international research, with an highly interdisciplinary vocation. Since 2009, the review has published in digital mode, thematic and general papers. Articles are reviewed anonymously by two external specialists, with a double-blind process. “Anthropological” hints at the discipline through which we can analyze a relevant field for the attention to the dynamics and processes that are put in place by interaction and context.

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