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Copyright Agreement

Permission for the online ABE Journal to publish an article

I the undersigned, …………., hereinafter referred to as the “Author,” residing at (address), hereby grant permission to the Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art (INHA), 2 rue Vivienne – 75002 Paris, represented by its Director General, Ms. Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, acting on behalf and in the name of InVisu – USR 3103, to publish the content of my work online according to the following conditions:

1. Subject of the contract

According to this contract, the Author grants INHA, at no charge and non-exclusively, the economic rights associated with the article (hereinafter referred to as the “Work”) of which he/she declares himself/herself to be the author and which is entitled: ………………………….. [number of words and images]. The expected release date is : ………………………..

2. Scope of the license

The Author grants INHA non-exclusive rights to represent and reproduce the Work, including the right to adapt or translate it, for all destinations, particularly online publication in the ABE Journal – Architecture beyond Europe (

The author is free to deposit his/her piece in an institutional repository and to republish it elsewhere.

It is stipulated that the copyright license includes:
Reproduction rights: the right to finalize, digitize, and reproduce limitless copies of the Work, on paper, magnetic, optical, digital, slide, microfilm, CD-ROM, CD-I, DVD, or any other IT or electronic media, known or unknown, currently and in the future, for the purposes of preservation and webcast on the ABE Journal – Architecture beyond Europe website, as well as the right of reproduction by any duplication process.
Representation rights: the right to publish the Work and broadcast it publicly by all telecommunication means, including radio, cable, or satellite transmission and all electronic processes known or unknown to date, as well as on all telecommunications networks, particularly the Internet network.
Adaptation rights: the right to digitize the work in whole or in part, in any form and by any means; to combine it with or integrate it into all other intellectual services or creations, to carry out any transcriptions, translations into any other languages, or to produce revised, enhanced, or ported versions.

The Author hereby agrees to allow his Work to be published on the ABE Journal – Architecture beyond Europe ( website, and to be accessible to any user of the ABE Journal – Architecture beyond Europe website.

The current license is granted at no charge for the whole world throughout the legal duration of protection of copyright by virtue of both national and international legislation.

3. Modification of the Work

The Author explicitly agrees to allow his/her Work to be annotated, in order to include technical search terms and keywords, to facilitate database research by users of the ABE Journal – Architecture beyond Europe website. The Author also explicitly grants permission for the layout of the Work to be modified, according to the respect and integrity owed to the Work, for the purposes of the annotation processes.

4. Author’s engagement

The Author hereby swears that he/she has not granted exclusive rights to the Work to any other entity, and that no exclusive copyright to the Work is likely to conflict with the current license. The Author hereby swears that he is the sole proprietor of the rights licensed under this contract.

The Author hereby declares that the Work is entirely original and does not contain any borrowings from another work, regardless of nature (text or image), likely to engage the liability of the INHA. The Author specifically declares that the illustrations that are part of the Work are his property alone and free of rights. He/she declares that the Work is original and does not contain anything likely to be forbidden by laws related to defamation, slander, counterfeit, or moral corruption.

5. Right to withdraw

At any time, and without stating any reason for doing so, the Author is free to request the withdrawal of his/her Work from the ABE Journal website. The INHA hereby promises to comply with the Author’s request within 5 business days of receiving such a request.

At any time, and without stating any reason for doing so, the INHA is free to withdraw the Work from the ABE Journal – Architecture beyond Europe. The INHA shall inform of such a decision within 5 business days of withdrawing the Work.

6. Liabilities

The Author shall not hold the INHA liable on any grounds whatsoever, particularly for any damages to which the Author may claim to be subjected as a result of the execution of this contract.

Signed in , Date (dd/mm/yyyy) ……./……./……/


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