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ABE Journal is dedicated to the study of architecture and urbanism for scholars of art, architecture and history. Focusing on colonial and postcolonial aspects of the wider built environment from the
19th century onwards, it also considers issues such as professional networking, the circulation of media, and the transmission of models, technologies and doctrines from and to Europe. Published by the research center InVisu (CNRS/INHA) in Paris, the journal is committed to encouraging a diversity of approaches and methodologies, including cross-cultural and transnational perspectives.

The journal is supported by the French Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (InSHS), National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Latest issue
18 | 2021
Entanglements of Architecture and Comfort beyond the Temperate Zone

When we put out our call for papers on Entanglements of Architecture and Comfort beyond the Temperate Zone at the end of 2018, we were not expecting such a response as to require a double issue. Yet clearly this is an issue that a wide range of scholars are working on at the moment.

Many of the papers look at how seemingly peripheral visions of comfort from the Global South were not so peripheral at all, investigating the power dynamics and changing cultural expectations around being at ease in an environment. In addition, we note the current interest in Australia into how Architecture and Comfort have been historically entangled and the importance of scholarship in history of medicine for current research.

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