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ABE Journal is dedicated to the study of architecture and urbanism for scholars of art, architecture and history. Focusing on colonial and postcolonial aspects of the wider built environment from the
19th century onwards, it also considers issues such as professional networking, the circulation of media, and the transmission of models, technologies and doctrines from and to Europe. Published by the research center InVisu (CNRS/INHA) in Paris, the journal is committed to encouraging a diversity of approaches and methodologies, including cross-cultural and transnational perspectives.

The journal is supported by the French Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (InSHS), National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Latest issue
20 | 2022
Small-scale Building Enterprise and Global Home Ownership

Constructions de petite échelle et accession mondiale à la propriété

ABE Journal – Architecture Beyond Europe has always been keenly interested in what lies beyond architecture and urbanism as both conventionally defined disciplines and autonomous producers of built environment artifacts. The journal has a long-standing record as a platform welcoming high-quality, historical-based research on the myriad actors whose actions determine built environment production: much of the work published here cuts across professional lines and questions acquired notions of authorship (one key concern for architects in contemporary times) and, occasionally, of architectural culture as the preserve of architects. Architects are certainly often found to be essential driving forces in the processes discussed in our pages, but they share the honour with a cohort of other individuals and agencies—from engineers to developers and clients, from self-builder migrants to global bureaucracies—that substantially broaden our understanding of such processes. Read more...

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