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6. Religions (sauf Islam)
6.1. Zoroastrisme

M. Stausberg. Zoroastrian rituals in context. Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2004, X-737 p., 16 p. de pl. ill.


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1Cette ouvrage est la publication des actes d’un colloque sur les rituels zoroastriens, tenu à Heidelberg en avril 2002 (“The Heidelberg Symposion on Zoroastrian Rituals in Context”, Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg, 10-13/04/2002). Ci-dessous la liste des articles de cette publication. Certains pourront faire l’objet d’une recension dans le prochain numéro d’Abs. Ir.

2Michael Stausberg, “Contextualizing the Contexts. On the Study of Zoroastrian Rituals” (pp. 1-56).

3Modelling Theory – Theoretical Approaches : Burkhard Gladigow, “Sequenzierung von Riten und die Ordnung der Rituale” (pp. 57-76). Jan Snoek, “‘Initiations’ in Theory and in Zoroastrianism” (pp. 77-98). Jens Kreinath, “Meta-Theoretical Parameters for the Analysis and Comparison of two Recent Approaches to the Study of the Yasna” (pp. 99-136).

4Comparative Studies : James W. Boyd & Ron G. Williams, “The Art of Ritual in a Comparative Context” (pp. 137-152). Dorothea Lüddeckens, “Bruch und Kontinuität in Todesritualen. Beobachtungen zu westeuropäischern und zoroastrischen Bestattungen” (pp. 153-172). Gernot Windfuhr, “Zoroastrian and Taoist Ritual: Cosmology and Sacred Numerology” (pp. 173-232). Antonio Panaino, “Aspects of the ‘Interiorization’ of the Sacrifice in the Zoroastrian Tradition” (pp. 233-252).

5Ritual Texts - Rituals In Texts : P. O. Skjærvø, “Smashing Urine: On Yasna 48.10” (pp. 253-282). Jean Kellens, “Finalités sacrificielles dans l’Avesta récent” (pp. 283-290). Almut Hintze, “On the Ritual Significance of the Yasna Haptanhaiti” (pp. 291-316). Philip Kreyenbroek, “Terms for Ritual and Rituals in the Nerangestan” (pp. 317-332). Shaul Shaked, “The Yasna Ritual in Pahlavi Literature” (pp. 333-344).

6Ritual Performances and Practices : Albert de Jong, “Sub specie maiestatis: Reflections on Sasanian Court Rituals” (pp. 345-388). Feroze Kotwal & Jamsheed K. Choksy, “To Praise the Souls of the Deceased and the Immortal Spirits of the Righteeous Ones: The Staomi or Stūm Ritual’s History and Functions” (pp. 389-402). Ramiyar P. Karanjia, “The Bāj-dharnā (Drōn Yašt) and its place in Zoroastrian Rituals” (pp. 403-424). M. Vitalone, “Fires and the Establishment of ātaš bahrāms in the Zoroastrian Tradition” (pp. 425-442). Sarah Stewart, “The Ātaš nu gīt. Areconstitutive Ritual of Recital” (pp. 443-460). C. G. Cereti, “Prejudice vs. Reality. Zoroastrians and their Rituals as Seen by two 19th Century Italian Travellers” (pp. 461-480). M. Giara, R. P. Karanjia & M. Stausberg, “Manekji on the Religious/Ritual Practices of the Iranian Zoroastrians: An English Translation of a Passage from his Travel Report in Gujarati (1865)” (pp. 481-516).

7The Interaction Of Ritual Traditions : Werner Sundermann, “Zarathustra der Priester und Prophet in der Lehre der Manichäer” (pp. 517-530). Sabine Kalinock, “Supernatural Intercession to Earthly Problems: Sofreh-Rituals Among Shiite Muslims and Zoroastrians in Iran” (pp. 531-546). Beate Schmermbeck, “‘O Herr, erhöre unser Monāǧāt’: Zarathustrische Traditionslinien einer persischen Gebetsgattung zwischen Indien und Iran” (pp. 547-562). Robert Langer, “From Private Shrine to Pilgrim-Center: The Spectrum of Zoroastrian Shrines in Iran” (pp. 563-592).

8Ritual Change – Changing Ritual : Dietrich Huff, “Archaeological Evidence of Zoroastrian Funerary Practices” (pp. 593-630). Katayoun Mazdapour, “Kontinuität und Wandel in den Ritualen der iranischen Zarathustrier” (pp. 631-652). Michael Stausberg, “Monday-Nights at the Banaji, Fridays at the Aslaji: Ritual Efficacy and Transformation in Bombay City” (pp. 653-718).

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