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AccueilAbstracta IranicaVolume 284. Histoire, Période Musulmane4.0. GénéralitésAsadollāh Ma‘ṭūfī. Tārīḫ, farhang...

4. Histoire, Période Musulmane
4.0. Généralités

Asadollāh Ma‘ṭūfī. Tārīḫ, farhang va honar-e Torkmān. 3 vols., Tehrān, Anjoman-e āṯār va mafāḫer-e farhangī, 1383/2005.

Aftandil S. Erkinov

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4.0. Généralités
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1This book consists of three volumes, which each contains the following information:

2Vol. 1 (pp. 1-967): The main part of this volume focuses on the history of Turkic people and Central Asia. It is followed by the history of the Turkmen of modern Turkmenistan and Iran, and their life during the existence of the khanate in these regions. The present history of the Turkmens concerns the period starting from the time of the Hahmanish dynasty until that of the Sagaviye dynasty.

3Vol. 2 (pp. 968-1888): The present volume focuses on the history of Turkmens during the rule of the Afshar, Zand and Kadjar dynasties and the conquest of Central Asia by Russia, as well as the history the Turkmens in Iran, Turkmenistan and Central Asia. There is also tmiscellaneous information about Turkmens, i.e. the list of Turkmen wives of Iranian governors, the European travelers’ memoirs about Turkmens, data on agriculture; some myths and legends of the Turkmen people, the history of the Turkmen language; some Turkmen proverbs, as well as volumetric material about Turkmen culture.

4Vol. 3 (pp. 1889-2641): The last volume is a description of cultural history and the originality of Turkmens, with data on the art, literature, folklore, religion and sacred places, holidays, and information about anthropology of the Turkmen. There are various texts in the Turkmen language and many photo illustrations. At the end of the volume, there are notes and index for all the three volumes on 200 pages. The value of the three volumes lies in the fact that they bring together in one publication a large material about Turkmens. The book is written in Persian, and sources in many languages have been used. In the book some names are given in Persian and Latin script. Some texts are published in Turkmen, in order for the author to show how they sound in that language. Therefore, the texts in Turkmen are presented in Arabic script, not in transcription. If they were published in Latin writing, and also in transcription, the reader would be enable to discover precise pronunciation of the Turkmen language.

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