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11. Littérature
11.1. Littérature persane
11.1.1. Littérature persane classique

Ḥasan Anvarī. Šūrīde va bī-qarār : darbāre-ye Sa‘dī va āṯār-e ū. Tehrān, Našr-e Qaṭre, 1384/2005, 184 p. (Honar va adabīyāt-e īrān, 164).

Franklin Lewis

Texte intégral

1The reassessment of Sa‘dī and his literary achievement continues, this volume weighing whether or not the reputation he once enjoyed in Enlightenment Europe was fully deserved. This work, the title of which comes from a line of Sa‘dī’s verse, sides with Sa‘dī’s admirers (as does another recent monograph on Sa‘dī by Homā Kātūziyān), without adding very much new information or analysis. However, it does distill a good deal of information into a quickly digestible format, suitable for students or other newcomers needing a short, reliable, general introduction to the life and works of Sa‘dī.

2The chapters cover Sa‘dī’s life and the socio-political circumstances of his day (pp. 9-26), a helpful chronology (pp. 27-31), a short discussion of his works (which while admitting the lack of imagery in his ġazals, nevertheless values them highly, pp. 33-79). Two chapters are devoted to quotations from Sa‘dī’s detractors (pp. 93-102) and from his supporters, with the latter having the longer and final word on the matter (pp. 113-167). Perhaps the most original contribution of this work is its comments on the text-critical difficulties in Sa‘dī’s texts and its brief suggestions about how future editors might approach the manuscript tradition of his works (pp. 103-112). A bibliography and some notes are included, and while this thin volume lacks an index, the chapter divisions and section headings will help guide the reader to specific items in the text.

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Franklin Lewis, « Ḥasan Anvarī. Šūrīde va bī-qarār : darbāre-ye Sa‘dī va āṯār-e ū. Tehrān, Našr-e Qaṭre, 1384/2005, 184 p. (Honar va adabīyāt-e īrān, 164). »Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 28 | 2007, document 330, mis en ligne le 18 septembre 2007, consulté le 18 avril 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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Franklin Lewis

University of Chicago

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