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Ḥoseyn Ḥasanpūr Ālāštī

Ṭarz-e tāze-ye sabk-šenāsī-ye ġazal-e sabk-e hendī. Tehrān, Soḫan, 1384/2005, 272 p.

Book review by Aftandil S. Erkinov

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1This book focuses on the analysis of the Indian style in Persian poetry. Particular attention is paid to following poets: ‘Abd al-Raḥmān Jāmī, Bābā Faġānī, Naẓīrī Nīšāpūrī, ‘Orfī Šīrāzī, Ẓohūrī Toršīzī, Ṭāleb Āmolī, Kalīm Kāšānī, Sā’eb Tabrīzī. Among them, ‘Abd al-Raḥmān Jāmī is cited, although he did not use the Indian style he played a very important role in Persian poetry. During the centuries that followed, all Persian poetry was directly inluenced by his creativity and knowledge. The author studies each poet’s poetry from two points of view: the language and the poetic style of the poet. It means that in the book, the place of the Indian poetic style in the poetry of each of the above-mentioned poets is studied, as well as the ways Indian style is expressed in their creations. Each time the author analyzes the Indian poetic style in the works of a poet, using the parameters mentioned above, he searches for the most characteristic features in the poet’s heritage. For example, the part of the research where language is studied focuses on the simplicity of language (Bābā Faġānī) and the use of popular words (Naẓīrī Nīšāpūrī, Ẓohūrī Toršīzī, Ṭāleb Āmolī). The analysis of the poetic styles involves tekrār-e qāfiye – repetition of a rhyme (Kalīm Kāšānī, Sā’eb Tabrīzī) and others.

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Aftandil S. Erkinov. Ḥoseyn Ḥasanpūr Ālāštī, « Ṭarz-e tāze-ye sabk-šenāsī-ye ġazal-e sabk-e hendī. Tehrān, Soḫan, 1384/2005, 272 p. », Abstracta Iranica [Online], Volume 28 | 2007, document 337, Online since 18 September 2007, connection on 04 October 2022. URL : ; DOI :

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