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11. Littérature
11.1. Littérature persane
11.1.1. Littérature persane classique

Mehrī Talḫābī. Šāh-nāme va femīnīsm. Tehrān, Tarfand, 1384/2005, 232 p.

Aftandil S. Erkinov

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1This book focuses on the problems of feminism in Ferdowsī’s Šāh-nāme, or, to be more exact, on the description and analysis of female images from the abovementioned work. In the first and second part of the book, the place of matriarchy and feminism in the history of mankind is brought into light. This part is important because it gives some theoretical and general information to the reader. In the third part, the direct description of images of women is given, and the question of feminism in the Šāh-nāme is formulated. Presented here are small descriptive portraits of 50 female images from the work. In this main part of the book, for each female image there is a separate small part called by the name of the female image analyzed. These parts are divided in two sections. In the first of those sections, there is a brief description of the participation of a female image in the general intrigue of the Šāh-nāme, i.e. there is a short retelling of the intrigue in which the mentioned female character has participated. In the second part, the direct analysis of a female image is conducted and its originality is described. The author wants to show the place of female characters in the content and the intrigue of the Šāh-nāme, as well as the role of female characters in the expression of the author’s ideas.

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Aftandil S. Erkinov, “Mehrī Talḫābī. Šāh-nāme va femīnīsm. Tehrān, Tarfand, 1384/2005, 232 p.”Abstracta Iranica [Online], Volume 28 | 2007, document 356, Online since 18 September 2007, connection on 24 May 2024. URL:; DOI:

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