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13. Sciences Politiques et Droit (y compris la Révolution et la République Islamique)
13.2. Afghanistan

Moḥammad Ẓāher ʽAẓīmī. Ṭālebān čegūne āmadand [How Taliban came]. 1999, 188 p.

Tchanguiz Pahlavan

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13.2. Afghanistan
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1The author has been a general of the Afghan Mujahedin Army and one of the leading personalities of the city of Herat during the Mujahedin rule from 1992 until the fall of this city by the Taliban forces.

2It is a narrative history of the events during the rise of the Taliban and especially the shortcomings of the Mujahedin to defend the city of Herat. There are a number of firsthand information and personal impressions reflected in this book. Considering the fact that the rise of Taliban and the way they could manage to defeat the Mujahedin with the help of Pakistan is still of interest to the historians of this period. The present book is an eyewitness account concerning this period of time. At the same time we know that there are other sources who disagree with the views expressed in this book.

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Tchanguiz Pahlavan, “Moḥammad Ẓāher ʽAẓīmī. Ṭālebān čegūne āmadand [How Taliban came]. 1999, 188 p.”Abstracta Iranica [Online], Volume 24 | 2003, document 337, Online since 05 January 2010, connection on 20 May 2024. URL:; DOI:

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