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13. Sciences Politiques et Droit (y compris la Révolution et la République Islamique)
13.2. Afghanistan

Ḥabībollāh Rafīʽ. Armaġān-e tamaddon [The Presents of Civilization]. Pishawar, 1999, 98 + 6 p.

Tchanguiz Pahlavan

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13.2. Afghanistan
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1The subtitle of this small book is: A Concise History of the Introduction of Modern Technology in Afghanistan.

2This book had been prepared for the program of mobile libraries in Afghanistan. It tries to give some information to the younger generation on different types of technologies considered as modern in Afghanistan. It is designed in form of questions and answers between the teacher and schoolboys. In each lecture one item will be discussed between the two parts. The topics discussed are for example as follows: watches, electricity, telephone, telegraph, radio, television, printing.

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Tchanguiz Pahlavan, « Ḥabībollāh Rafīʽ. Armaġān-e tamaddon [The Presents of Civilization]. Pishawar, 1999, 98 + 6 p. »Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 24 | 2003, document 339, mis en ligne le 05 janvier 2010, consulté le 20 avril 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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