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Najībollāh Turowayana et ʽAbdolšakūr Ḥakam

Afġānestān dar rāh-e āzādī [Afghanistan on the Road of Freedom]. Pishawar, 1999, 392 p.

Compte-rendu réalisé par Tchanguiz Pahlavan

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1From the introduction of this book written by Dr. Habibollah Farahmand we learn that the articles presented in this volume were collected by the late Najībollāh who died in USA in 1965.

2Most of the articles reprinted in this book are from the famous Afghan historian Ahmad Ali Kohzad. The rest are from Ghobar, also a well known historian of Afghanistan, M. Hashem Meyvandal, M. Sadigh Farhang (well known historian), Yusefzai, A. Dawi, A. Binawa and M. Najim Arya.

3These articles deal with some of the aspects of the history of Afghanistan especially with regard to the relations with Pakistan and the problems concerning the Durand Line. With this book we also learn the way some of the Afghanistan’s historians looked at the influences of the colonial period and contemporary history of this country. The last article of the book is devoted to Afghanistan and Iran written by A. A. Kohzad. In this article Kohzad tries to show the historical and cultural ties which could be of interest for the scholars of the common civilization in this region.

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Tchanguiz Pahlavan. Najībollāh Turowayana et ʽAbdolšakūr Ḥakam, « Afġānestān dar rāh-e āzādī [Afghanistan on the Road of Freedom]. Pishawar, 1999, 392 p. », Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 24 | 2003, document 340, mis en ligne le 05 janvier 2010, consulté le 10 décembre 2019. URL :

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