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AccueilAbstracta IranicaVolume 234. Histoire, Période Musulmane4.2. Histoire du XVe au XIXe siècle4.2.1. Safavides et Qâjârs« Īrān va jahān dar bāmdad-e Ṣafa...

Ḥamīd Ḥājiyānpūr

« Īrān va jahān dar bāmdad-e Ṣafaviyān ». Keyhān-e Andīše, 76, (1376/1998), pp. 4-19.

Compte-rendu réalisé par Rudi Matthee

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1General assessment of the state of the world on the eve of the establishment of the Safavid state. The author surveys the tumultuous period following the breakup of the
Il-Khanid state, and discusses the rise of the Ottomans to the west and of the Uzbegs to the east, both Sunni states that posed a threat to the Safavids. One of his conclusions is that the newly founded state was poorly equipped to rise to the challenge posed by a Europe engaged in political and commercial experimentation and renewal.

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Rudi Matthee. Ḥamīd Ḥājiyānpūr, « « Īrān va jahān dar bāmdad-e Ṣafaviyān ». Keyhān-e Andīše, 76, (1376/1998), pp. 4-19. », Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 23 | 2002, document 145, mis en ligne le 08 février 2010, consulté le 07 décembre 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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