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Prods Oktor Skjærvø

« The Stein Khotanese collection ». BAI 13 (1999 [2002]), pp. 204-206.

Book review by Mauro Maggi

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manuscrit, manuscrits khotanèses

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manuscripts, Khotanese manuscripts

Auteurs mentionnés :

C. Altman Bromberg, H. Wang
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1This short note, which accompanies C. Altman Bromberg’s review of H. Wang, ed., Handbook to the Stein collections in the UK (London, The British Museum, 1998), is an abridged version of the first paragraphs devoted to the Stein Khotanese manuscripts of the British Library in Skjærvø’s introduction to his Catalogue, pp. xlvii-l (see c.r. n° 28).

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Electronic reference

Mauro Maggi. Prods Oktor Skjærvø, « « The Stein Khotanese collection ». BAI 13 (1999 [2002]), pp. 204-206. », Abstracta Iranica [Online], Volume 26 | 2005, document 29, Online since 08 December 2005, connection on 14 October 2019. URL :

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