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Akhrorov, Ato

Ato Akhrorov. Tadzhikskoe kino: 1969-1974

Compte-rendu réalisé par Evelin Grassi
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Ato Akhrorov. Tadzhikskoe kino: 1969-1974 gg. Dushanbe, Donish, 2010, 166 p., filmography p. 146-165. [Tajik Cinema: 1969-1974]

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1This book in Russian follows an earlier study by Ato Akhrorov published in 1971 under the title Tadzhikskoe kino: 1929-1969 (Dushanbe, Donish, 230p., filmography, p. 212-228). Each chapter is devoted to two or three significant Tajik films from the period 1969-1974, and organized so as to introduce leitmotifs such as: the social basis of the historical and revolutionary themes chosen for the films (p. 58-71), the lack of young film-makers (p. 43-50) and the spread of television musical comedies (p. 97-118).

2Among the films celebrating Tajik-Persian literature and men of letters, we might mention Skazanie o Rustame [The story of Rostam, 1970, two episodes] and Rustam i Sukhrab [Rostam and Sohrab, 1971, two episodes], both adapted from the Shāhnāma of Ferdowsi by G. Koltunov and directed by B. Kimyagarov (p. 78-96). Another example is Zvezda v nochi [A star in the night, 1972] on the life of Ahmad Donish (1826/7-1897), – a renowned man of letters and representative of the Persian Enlightenment in Bukhara – adapted by the Tajik scholar Rasul Hodizoda and directed by A. Rakhimov and I. Usov (p. 72-77).

3It is worth pointing out that no mention is made of dubbing films from Russian in Tajik, a process that started in the late 1990s after the breakup of the Soviet Union. This occurred in: the episodes adapted from the Shāhnāma; the film on Ahmad Donish, which became Sitorae dar tirashab [A star in the darkness of night] in Tajik – the title would then be borrowed by Rasul Hodizoda for his novel (Dushanbe, Irfon, 1983); and the film Tret’ya doch’ [The third daughter, 1970] or Dukhtari seyum in Tajik, adapted by the Tajik writer Foteh Niyozī and directed by A. Turaev.

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Evelin Grassi. Akhrorov, Ato, « Ato Akhrorov. Tadzhikskoe kino: 1969-1974 », Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 32-33 | 2013, document 469, mis en ligne le 01 juillet 2016, consulté le 19 juin 2018. URL :

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