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Holger Wienholz

Holger Wienholz. Ein hellenistisches Kapitell in Baalbek?

Compte-rendu réalisé par Vito Messina
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Holger Wienholz. « Ein hellenistisches Kapitell in Baalbek? ». ZOrA, 3, 2010, p. 88-100.

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1The only known Hellenistic capital from Baalbek has been reused in an eastern row of columns supporting the vaults of the so-called Friday Mosque. On the basis of stylistic criteria, it has been dated to the first century BC. It is what remains of a period, otherwise nearly unattested on the site, that reached its apogee under the Roman Empire. The piece is unusual not only because of its form, which according to the author reveals an acanonical design, but also owing to the questions it arouses about the original context. It is important evidence about the presence on the site of buildings decorated with architectural elements realized by using general Hellenistic criteria, but also evidence of a lax attitude in this part of the Levant toward about how to use the prescribed forms during the period immediately before Imperial times.

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Vito Messina. Holger Wienholz, « Holger Wienholz. Ein hellenistisches Kapitell in Baalbek? », Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 32-33 | 2013, document 209, mis en ligne le 01 juillet 2016, consulté le 19 octobre 2019. URL :

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