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Yukako Goto

Yukako Goto. Safavid Capitals and their Coronation Ceremonies

Book review by Akihiko Yamaguchi
Bibliographical reference

Yukako Goto. « Safavid Capitals and their Coronation Ceremonies ». The Kwansei Gakuin Historical Review, 37, 2010, p. 19-48 [in Japanese].

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1This article recounts the history of the Safavid coronation ceremony while identifying three of its basic – Islamic, mystic, and secular – elements. The Safavid enthronement ceremony was originally designed to demonstrate the new ruler’s rightful inheritance of Safavid leadership and his legitimacy as ruler of a Shiite state. However the third ruler, Šāh Esmā‘īl II, crowned at the end of a civil war of succession, attached more importance to the ceremony’s secular aspects. Wearing the three objects symbolizing the imperial throne – crown, sword and belt – he held a grand coronation ceremony to publicly display his royal authority. Since his successors followed this pattern, the ceremony’s mystical aspect gradually waned.

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Electronic reference

Akihiko Yamaguchi. Yukako Goto, « Yukako Goto. Safavid Capitals and their Coronation Ceremonies », Abstracta Iranica [Online], Volume 32-33 | 2013, document 239, Online since 01 July 2016, connection on 13 December 2019. URL :

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