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2. Linguistique
2.1. Langues anciennes

Prods Oktor SkjÆrvØ. « Recent Khotanese ghostwords ». BAI, n.s., 13 (1999 [2002]), pp. 151-155.

Mauro Maggi

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1The author discusses the readings and etymologies of seven words, mostly from the St. Petersburg manuscripts of the Old Khotanese Suvarṇabhāsottamasūtra (Suv) studied by R. E. Emmerick (cf. Abs. Ir. 17-19 (1994-1996), c.r. n° 541) : (1) the proper name Suv 14.24 janīṣei (not jatīṣei ), Sanskrit jinarṣabhaḥ, is from a Prakrit form *janeṣava- ; (2) Suv 11.10 jsauca- (not jsaica-) ‘boy’ and jsicā- ‘girl’ are plausibly derived from *ǰafta-ča and *ǰafti-čī- and provided with Sogdien and Kh. cognates ; (3) because of its -t-, the gen.-dat. sg. Suv 17.8 jṣäte ‘wife’ (unpubl.) is tentatively assigned to a stem *mäjṣäti- <*miždṷšatī- (sic), but this is doubtful : Sims-Williams’ *mäjṣaï- <*miždušakī- accounts more plausibly for the attested forms. (4) Suv 10.47 nvāna (not kvāna) is derived from *ni-pādana- and translated ‘bed’ ; (5) Sims-Williams’ emendation *gvāska-masi (<*ṷi-bāzu(-ka) ‘fathom’) for the problematic Suv 4.12 nvāska-masi is rejected and a possible meaning ‘within shouting distance’ (cf. nvāsa- ‘noise’) is suggested ; (6) the reading Suv 6.4.11 pabuyāmate ‘fragrances’ is confirmed by an unpublished fragment ; (7) in Suv 2.16, 17 uscäke < *us-či-k-kā- or better *us-čai̭akā- ‘something piled up (to sit on)’ must be read instead of usdäke <*us-sadikā-.

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Mauro Maggi, « Prods Oktor SkjÆrvØ. « Recent Khotanese ghostwords ». BAI, n.s., 13 (1999 [2002]), pp. 151-155. »Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 25 | 2004, document 29, mis en ligne le 15 mars 2006, consulté le 24 mai 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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Mauro Maggi

Istituto Universitario Orientale - Naples

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