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AccueilAbstracta IranicaVolume 37-38-393. Histoire, Art et Archéologie, ...3.2. Ouest de l’Iran3.2.3. Séleucides, Parthes et Sas...Ehsan Yaghmaei. “The Fire Temple ...

Ehsan Yaghmaei

Ehsan Yaghmaei. “The Fire Temple of the MohammadAbād in Borāzjān/ Daštestān”

Compte-rendu réalisé par Parsa Ghasemi
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Ehsan Yaghmaei. “The Fire Temple of the MohammadAbād in Borāzjān/ Daštestān” [Čāhār Tāghi-y MohammadAbād, Daštestān/Borāzjān], BāstānPažohi 17, Autumn 2015, p.50-58

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1The archaeological site of the Mohammad-Abād, with an area of about 50hectars, is located in the northwest of the Mohammad-Abād village, in Borāzjān/ Daštestān county. The Sasanian occupation is the main period of the site. In 1992, the local people found accidentally a statue of a Pan (god). Later, in 1994, Ehsan Yaghmaei excavated a building which he introduced as a Mithraism temple and the remain of a Fire temple which was made of brick, stone, gypsum and sarooj (local mortar), both of them dated to the Parthian and Sasanian periods. Based on his analysis, the fire temple was built in the center of a religious complex and restored three times from the pre-Sasanian until the end of this period. He considered the site as a huge city with several districts. This paper provides valuable archaeological data from an unknown area of the Bushehr Hinterland. It would have been useful to provide the reader with some comparative chronological study on the functional and spatial development of the Sasanian fire temples.

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Parsa Ghasemi. Ehsan Yaghmaei, « Ehsan Yaghmaei. “The Fire Temple of the MohammadAbād in Borāzjān/ Daštestān” », Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 37-38-39 | 2018, document 51, mis en ligne le 30 décembre 2018, consulté le 26 janvier 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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