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3. Histoire, Art et Archéologie, Période pré-Islamique
3.2. Ouest de l’Iran
3.2.2. Pré-Achéménides et Achéménides

Emad Matin. “The Achaemenid Settlement of Dashtestan (Borazjan): A View from Persepolis”

Luca Colliva
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Emad Matin. “The Achaemenid Settlement of Dashtestan (Borazjan): A View from Persepolis”, East & West n.s. 1/2, 2020, p. 179-210

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1The article, published in the first number of the new series of East & West journal edited by ISMEO, analyses all the archaeological and historical data available to date for the Dashtestan county from the Achaemenid period, in order to demonstrate the presence of the settlement of Tamukkan (Taoce, Taḫ(u)makka) in this area and propose for it an urban model similar to that recently hypothesized for the Achaemenid settlements of Persepolis and Pasargadae.

2The author examines the data of the excavations of Charkhab, Sang-e Siah and Bardak-e Siah, the archaeological surveys in the Dashtestan county in the Bushehr province, and the studies of historical sources relating to this area and the settlement of Tamukkan. The analysis of the data and the comparison with the recent studies of the sites of Pasargadae and Persepolis allow the author to strongly re-propose the presence of Tamukkan in this area. Moreover, these comparisons lead the author to suggest, also for Tamukkan, a "diffuse" urban model which seems to characterise the major centres founded in Fars in the Achaemenid period.

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Luca Colliva, « Emad Matin. “The Achaemenid Settlement of Dashtestan (Borazjan): A View from Persepolis” »Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 42-43 | 2021, document 9, mis en ligne le 30 décembre 2020, consulté le 19 avril 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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