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Šahāb al-Dīn Farroḫyār et Shahāb al-Din Farrokhyār

Ketābšenāsī-ye Afānestān. Daftar-e awwal, Tehrān, Šahāb-e Ṯāqeb, 1381/2002, 96 p.

Compte-rendu réalisé par Robert McChesney

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1.1. Bibliographie
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1An unannotated bibliography of works written by Afghanistanis on any subject. This first daftar includes books mainly published between the Soviet invasion in 1368/1979 and the fall of the Taliban and the American intervention (1380/2001) although a few predate the period. The bibliography is classified by subject: literature (290 titles), history (50 titles), religion (18 titles), politics (65 titles), social science (37 titles), miscellaneous (45 works), and art (4 titles). The miscellaneous section lists bibliographies, biographies, and travelogues, among other works. There is also an index of authors and an index of titles. In his preface, the compiler indicates that he has compiled another bibliography for a future daftar, this one of works written during the same period about Afghanistan and available in Persian as well as (more) works written by Afghanistanis covering the same period (1358-1380) either in Persian or other languages.

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Robert McChesney. Šahāb al-Dīn Farroḫyār et Shahāb al-Din Farrokhyār, « Ketābšenāsī-ye Afānestān. Daftar-e awwal, Tehrān, Šahāb-e Ṯāqeb, 1381/2002, 96 p. », Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 27 | 2006, document 1, mis en ligne le 02 janvier 2007, consulté le 05 octobre 2022. URL : ; DOI :

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