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11.1. Littérature persane
11.1.2. Littérature persane moderne

Another Sea, Another Shore (Persian Stories of Migration). Translated and edited by Shouleh Vatanabadi and Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami, Northampton, MA, Interlink Books, 2004, 242 p.

Fereshteh Molavi

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1As the subtitle of the book indicates, it is a collection of Persian stories of migration aiming to map the characteristics of the place of the Iranian diaspora literature in the general context of the international diaspora literature. It includes short stories written after 1979 Revolution by Iranian established writers and new voices, living either in Iran or abroad. Having believed that migration goes beyond the boundaries of the host societies and includes the home societies as well, the translators/editors present works of writers in exile as well as writers who live and work in Iran. The stories, reflecting a variety of narrative and linguistic styles, display the different aspects of the process of identity reconstruction in a vast diverse scope of time and space. They mostly share common themes of migration, like nostalgia for home, challenges of the new home, and the process of assimilation or acculturation. In many instances they also share some key issues of today’s world, such as national identity, multiculturalism, ethnicity, gender, race, and class.

2The stories of twenty one writers are grouped here under three headings or parts, each with lines of a poem by Ahmad Shamlu as an epigraph. The title of the book is also taken from his poem, yet the original title of the poem is not mentioned. The stories of the first part, mainly focused on the construction of identity through a profound preoccupation with the past, are written by Marjan Riahi, Pari Mansouri, Farideh Kheradmand, Dariush Kargar, Azar Shahab, Sirus Seif, Ghodsi Ghazinour, Mahasti Shahrokhi, and Farkhondeh Hajizadeh. Part two covers works which deal with the process of identity reconstruction for an immigrant subject who has an understanding of the notions of the “self” and the “other”. This part includes stories by Nasim Khaksar, Mehri Yalfani, Reza Baraheni, Mehrnoush Mazarei, Tahereh Alavi, and Goli Taraghi. The third part, presenting stories in which the “self” seeks a definition beyond the customary frames of reference, covers the works of the following writers: Kader Abdolah, Hushang Golshiri, Fahimeh Farsaie, Said, Mohammad Asef Soltanzadeh, and Ali Erfan.

3The book includes an introduction by translators/editors, S. Vatanabadi and M.M. Khorrami, both teach at New York University, biographies of writers as well as translators/editors of the collection, and notes.

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Fereshteh Molavi, « Another Sea, Another Shore (Persian Stories of Migration). Translated and edited by Shouleh Vatanabadi and Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami, Northampton, MA, Interlink Books, 2004, 242 p. »Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 27 | 2006, document 322, mis en ligne le 02 janvier 2007, consulté le 15 juin 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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