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AccueilAbstracta IranicaVolume 2711. Littérature11.1. Littérature persane11.1.2. Littérature persane moderneḌīā’ al-Dīn Torābī. Sohrābī dīgar...

11. Littérature
11.1. Littérature persane
11.1.2. Littérature persane moderne

Ḍīā’ al-Dīn Torābī. Sohrābī dīgar: Negāhī be še‘r-hā-ye Sohrāb-e Sepehrī. Tehrān, Našr-e Jahān-e Now, 1382/2003, 299 p.

Franklin Lewis

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Sohrāb Sepehri
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1This literary study of Sohrāb-e Sepehrī’s poetry begins with a detailed chronology of his life (pp. 5-8) and an overview of the evolution of his poetic style and thought, focusing on the mental apperception of the world reflected in his language (še‘r va jahān-e Sohrāb Sepehrī, pp. 9-16). A chapter is then devoted to each of his eight books, including a literary analysis of some of the more salient and important poems in each book, followed by the complete text of the poems discussed. These eight chapters are titled after the names of Sepehrī’s books, as follows: Marg-e rang, published 1330/1951; Zendegī-ye ḫvāb-hā, published 1332/1953; Āvāz-e āftāb, published 1340/1961; Šarq-e andūh, also published 1340/1961; Ṣedā-ye pā-ye āb, published 1344/1965; Mosāfer, published 1345/1966; Ḥajm-e sabz, published 1346/1967; and Mā hīč, mā negāh, published in 1356/1977. Following these, one chapter (pp. 233-46) is devoted to nature and mysticism (ṭabīat-garā’ī va erfān) in Sepehrī’s poetry, one chapter (pp. 247-55) to Sepehrī and eastern mysticism (erfān-e šarqī) which considers his deployment of traditional Persian symbols of religion and poetic mysticism, one chapter (pp. 257-76) on the form and structure of his poetry, and a final chapter (pp. 277-99) which gives a close reading of the poem “Šab” published in 1346/1967 in comparison to Sepehrī’s reworked version of the same poem, “Matn-e qadīm-e šab”, which he re-published with significant changes ten years later, demonstrating how the poet’s changing views and poetics are reflected in the differences between the two poems. There is no index, but the table of contents provides the page number of each individual poem discussed, 63 in total. This is a very useful critical approach to Sepehrī’s poems and constitutes a thoughtful introduction to his œuvre and his literary development.

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Franklin Lewis, « Ḍīā’ al-Dīn Torābī. Sohrābī dīgar: Negāhī be še‘r-hā-ye Sohrāb-e Sepehrī. Tehrān, Našr-e Jahān-e Now, 1382/2003, 299 p. »Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 27 | 2006, document 330, mis en ligne le 02 janvier 2007, consulté le 03 mars 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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Franklin Lewis

University of Chicago

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