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New Book on Babylonian Figurines. Figurines in Hellenistic Babylonia: Miniaturization and Cultural Hybridity

Stephanie Langin-Hooper
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Stephanie Langin-Hooper, Figurines in Hellenistic Babylonia: Miniaturization and Cultural Hybridity, Cambridge University Press, 2020, 350p.

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1In this volume, Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper investigates the impact of Greek art on the miniature figure sculptures produced in Babylonia after the conquests of Alexander the Great. Figurines in Hellenistic Babylonia were used as agents of social change, by visually expressing and negotiating cultural differences. The scaled-down quality of figurines encouraged both visual and tactile engagement, enabling them to effectively work as non-threatening instruments of cultural blending. Reconstructing the embodied experience of miniaturization in detailed case studies, Langin-Hooper illuminates the dynamic process of combining Greek and Babylonian sculpture forms, social customs, and viewing habits into new, hybrid works of art. Her innovative focus on figurines as instruments of both personal encounter and global cultural shifts has important implications for the study of tiny objects in art history, anthropology, classics, and other disciplines.

2This book provides a comprehensive exploration of miniaturization theory and adds new advances to the study of tiny objects. Cross-cultural interaction and cultural hybridity are explored in dialogue with another theory/methodology (miniaturization) in order to show how these concepts can be used together to better understand ancient objects. In addition, the book presents many case study examples of how to interpret figurines based on their materiality and affective properties.



Chapter One - A Question of Intimacy: Miniaturization and Figurines

Chapter Two - Fascination with the Tiny: Interacting with Figurines

Chapter Three - Three’s a Crowd: Spectatorship of Figurines

Chapter Four - Images of the Self: Identifying with Figurines

Chapter Five - The Global and the Local: Making Cultural and Social Choices with Figurines

Conclusion: Life in Miniature




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Stephanie Langin-Hooper, « New Book on Babylonian Figurines. Figurines in Hellenistic Babylonia: Miniaturization and Cultural Hybridity », Les Carnets de l’ACoSt [Online], 21 | 2020, Online since 15 December 2020, connection on 07 July 2022. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Stephanie Langin-Hooper

Cambridge University Press, 2020

By this author

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